An Arizona jury on Wednesday sentenced Mark Goudeau, the convicted Phoenix Baseline Killer, to death on each of the nine murder counts he is facing.

The jurors reached their decision approximately a month after they found Goudeau, 47, guilty of committing those crimes and 58 other charges, The Associated Press reported. Those charges included kidnapping and rape.

He's a demon from hell, Maria Nunez told The AP.

Her 37-year-old daughter Sofia Nunez was among those killed by Goudeau on April 10, 2006 in the Phoenix area. It was her daughter's 8-year-old son who found the body partially naked in a bathtub with a gunshot wound to the head, The AP reported via Huffington Post.

It's a relief that it's over, Maria Nunez said. It's not going to bring Sofia back.

According to that report, the judge rejected Goudeau's pleas for mercy and denials of guilt, but agreed with prosecutors that the killings were cruel.

He enjoyed the power and dominion he exercised over these victims, prosecutor Patricia Stevens told jurors. He enjoyed the threats of force, the threats of death.

Prosecutors accused Goudeau of attacking his victims while they went about their daily routines. He is also accused of leaving them partially dressed.

Goudeau has been serving a 43-year sentence in a 2005 sexual assault case connected to the Baseline Killer attacks. He recently became eligible for the death penalty after the murder convictions, according to the Daily Mail.

Police coined the name Baseline Killer after Baseline Road in south Phoenix where many of the early attacks took place, according to The AP, noting that Goudeau lives only minutes away from many of the sites of the attacks.

In Goudeau's defense, attorney Rod Carter has said that for his client to be sentenced to life in prison wouldn't be a slap on the wrist.

That's where he'll be the rest of his life, Carter said, as reported by The AP. A death sentence is as permanent as you can get.

A few weeks ago, Goudeau addressed jurors, despite his lawyers' wishes, and said that he wasn't a monster.

I could look in each and every one of your eyes today and tell you Mark Goudeau is no wolf in sheep's clothing, Goudeau said. I do pray that one day you guys learn the truth about this case.