Georgia coach Mark Richt apologized to Vanderbilt coach James Franklin after one of his players yelled at Franklin after a close win, according to an explosive new video.

Franklin caused quite a bit of controversy when he confronted Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham about the behavior of one of Georgia's players only to see Grantham get in Franklin's face and scream at him.

Some put the blame on Franklin for starting drama, but a new video from a Nashville-area television station seems to indicate that Richt agreed with Franklin.

Here's a transcript of the interaction:

Franklin: No. 36 comes up, after a tough game and starts talking s--- to me.

Richt: Okay.

Franklin: Rubbing our face in it right after the game.

Richt: He's a dumb---

Franklin: And then your coach when I tell him about it, then he goes after me and the fight starts.

Richt: That's what I thought happened, I apologize. That's horse---. That's horse----

After the initial confrontation, Grantham had told reporters that Franklin had degraded a player and that he was simply defending his players.

I love my players. I like the way they compete, and I love the passion they play with, and I support my players, Grantham said.

The player in question, No. 36, is senior running back Wes Van Dyk. Van Dyk has received little playing time as a player at Georgia - he's only had one carry for one yard this season - but was on the SEC Academic Honor Roll last season.

It's unclear whether Franklin had mistaken Van Dyk for another player or whether Richt thinks the winner of Georgia's 2011 Next Top Entrepreneur competition really is a dumb---.

Watch the full video below of the interaction between Richt and Franklin.