Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg who ranked as the most popular Google+ user as late as Tuesday evening with over 21,000 followers and 39 friends, is nowhere to be seen.

Zuckerberg's top Google position is now filled by Robert Scoble, the one who confirmed that this Zuckerberg was the actual user. He tweeted via his username Scobleizer Name drop moment. Zuckerberg just texted me back. Says 'why are people so surprised that I'd have a Google account?'

Scoble is now Google Plus' most popular user with 3,645 friends and 43,131 followers, followed by tech journalist Leo Laporte, Digg founder Kevin Rose, actress Felicia Day, and Myspace's Tom.

Not only Mark Zuckerberg, but other notable Google management fell off the Google+ top 100 list, and are no longer trackable.

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