• Gold Bears Suddenly Appear, More Emboldened than Ever

    Congrats to the gold bears and stock bulls! After being slaughtered for the majority of the last decade and more, they finally won a victory. Golf clap for you gentlemen. Now you can have your day in the sun once again. US stocks are at all-time highs and Gold sucks again! You won’t have to listen to your clients bitch and moan about how you ignored, avoided or were underweight the bull market of our time. Time to crow!
  • The Gold way of falling

    The gold could reside nearby 1390$ after several tries yesterday to get over 1400$ level after it had been under strong pressure following breaking of its previous supporting level at 1523$. It was well-known to almost all market participants that this characteristic of the gold will be done in the case of breaking this critical level which could contain its falling more than once since getting over it on 8th July 2011.
  • Gold Is Recovery at $1,392/Oz

    Gold is making a nice recovery since it plummeted last Friday and then again on Monday. At the moment its trading at $1392 an oz. Although this still isn’t great, it gives investors hope that it will eventually make a full recovery.
  • Gold Reveals Global Market on Thin Ice

    Explanations for this gold selloff abound everywhere and nearly all of them are inane and incorrect. The silliest among all the reasons offered for the current bear market in gold is that Bernanke has recently morphed into a form of Paul Volker; even though he has maintained the Fed's zero percent interest rate policy and massive money printing continues unabated. His policies have, and will continue to significantly weaken the intrinsic value of the dollar-so you can just summarily dismiss that reason. Another vacuous reason to explain the drop of the gold price is that the U.S. is eventually headed towards a trade surplus. This is because some predict our energy independence in the next ten years, causing the dollar to soar sometime in the future. But the dollar fell from 83 to 82 on the DXY during the month of April, which coincided with the selloff in gold, so that can't be the reason either. In addition, our National Debt should be near $30 trillion in 10 years; and that would...
  • Gold Ingots

    Lear Capital: Debunking the Gold Bunk from the “Ex-Spirts”

    To listen to the experts, pronounced (Ex-Spirts), regarding the recent drop in gold prices, you have to first consider the source. So let’s define expert. “Ex” means has-been. And “Spirt” is really just a drip under pressure.
  • CFTC Probe Gold Plunge – “No Visible Central Bank Activity” Say Blackrock

    Lower gold prices have led to a rush to buy gold coins and bars globally. Value investors and store of wealth buyers are more than happy to exchange devaluing paper currencies for physical gold at these much cheaper prices. It is ironic that manipulative selling by a large hedge fund or bullion bank may have ignited a mini gold rush globally.
  • Italy Starts Gold Bullion Trading Platform

    “People Running Through The Gate” To Buy Gold Bullion

    There are reports of very strong demand for coins and bars from buyers internationally who believe that the sell off that saw gold fall to a two-year low is overdone. Very significant demand is being seen throughout the world for physical bullion – in Japan, India, Australia, the U.S., Europe and elsewhere. The speculative raid by one or two banks which led to the price crash is being seen as a gift by eager buyers internationally.
  • Gold Coin

    Investors Continue To Jump Ship Despite the Price of Gold Increasing

    The worst may be over as prices of gold rebounded after prices plummeted to nearly a 30-year low on Monday. The price of the U.S. dollar fell causing the price of gold to rise. The price didn’t rise significantly, but it gave investors hope that it will only go up from here. When the price of gold slipped below $1,500 per ounce on Friday, many stop losses were activated, causing many investors to lose billions of dollars. Gold prices are not in the clear, as they could fall again in the coming week, which in turn, have investors on the edge of their seats.
  • The Price of Gold Continues to Plummet

    The gold community has been shook by the steady decline of the precious metal in the past few weeks. Today, things got worse as gold plummeted yet again, this time to $1,3335 per ounce, the lowest it has been in 30 years.
  • Gold Ingots

    Lear Capital: Gold Price Makes No Sense – Nothing Does

    If you are one who relies on gold to diversify your savings and retirement, you are likely salivating at the the opportunity, today, to add to those savings at these lower prices. If you own gold because you were in it for short term gains, you, obviously, don’t share the moment. The talking heads tell us gold is down because the world economy is healing – stimulus is working. Working so well, in fact, that money printing, the threat of nuclear war and a shrinking workforce no longer strike fear in anyone. I may agree with the ignoring of a potential nuclear war with Junior Kim, but I have trouble digesting the rest.
  • Gold bars Japan

    Gold Gains As 14% Plunge Overdone - Speculators Sell, Central Banks To Buy

    Gold rebounded as store of value and diversificaiton buyers deemed a 14% plunge over two days to be excessive and an Asian central banker said that policy makers may take the opportunity to buy.
  • Gold Bulls Need To Learn the Importance of Stopping Out

    Over the last 10 years, gold bulls have had a fantastic run as gold rose more than 475% to its August 2011 highs. Even after the recent collapse in gold prices the metal is still up more than 350% in the last decade; the simple strategy of “buy the dip” has yielded enormous profits. Gold bulls have been able to make gains for years by merely buying gold whenever the price dropped as the next rally would result in new highs before a great deal of time had passed. This however raises the question of “what happens when gold does not make new highs?” The answer is that those who have been employing this strategy lose money; gold dips and the perma-bulls buy, gold dips again so the perma-bulls buy again, gold continues on a downward trend and the once profitable strategy of “buy the dip” soon eats away at the profits that it once generated.
  • Gold Ingots

    The Bottom Falls Out From Under The Price Of Gold

    The 12-year-old bull market in gold appears over. Analysts search for an explanation why the market virtually crashed.
  • Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin

    Gold May Have a Lot Further to Fall According to this Analyst

    Monday morning, Dennis Gartman, talking about the recent gold price action, said to CNBC: "Here we are under [$1,400]. Who would have thought it? Not I." If one analyst is correct, Gartman is about to be even more shocked. Technical analyst Stephanie Aymes at Societe Generale believed the recent price action will send gold to $1265 within the next one to three months, according to a report published Monday.
  • Gold bullion vault

    Massive $20 Billion Paper Gold Sell Orders Trigger Stop Loss Selling And Unfounded Panic

    Gold and silver were both down for the week - 5.76% and 4.14% respectively. There is blood running in the gold market this morning after vicious selling which began on Friday afternoon and continued in Asian trading and through into European trading. Gold has fallen another 4.4% today after a huge number of stop loss orders were triggered at $1,480/oz pushing gold lower.
  • Is Gold as Precious as it Once Was?

    Gold has been taking a beating in the New York Mercantile Exchange over the past few months as the price of gold continues to plummet. Gold hit a record low in nearly two years on Friday when gold fell under $1,500 an ounce igniting stop losses worldwide. It’s leading many investors wondering if Gold is as precious as it once was.
  • Gold Coin Australia

    Five Reasons Gold is Down 7 Percent Monday

    Gold is down again on Monday and by down, we mean plummeting. As of 6:00 am EST Monday, gold is down more than $100, trading below $1,400. That’s a seven percent drop. Silver is having a bad Monday too, but what’s interesting is that a six percent drop in the most talked about of all metals is receiving a relatively small amount of press.
  • Gold bars Japan

    Gold Glitters Even Less - How Low Can It Go?

    Last week, two major institutions, Societe Generale and Goldman Sachs, recommended clients make bets that the price of gold would fall.
  • Damaged Gold/Stocks Ratio, Yen Next?

    Falling gold may well be blamed on growing signals from Federal Reserve officials considering slowing down the pace of asset purchases from its current $85 bn/month. But the metal selloff is also joining a broad decline in commodities this year. Out of a group of 18 commodities (metals, energy and agriculture), only 5 are up (WTI, gasoline, natural gas, palladium and cotton).
  • Cyprus Denies Gold Sale - Debtors Sell Gold; Creditors Buy

    Today’s AM fix was USD 1,555.75, EUR 1,012.20 and GBP 1,189.59 per ounce. Yesterday’s AM fix was USD 1,581.50, EUR 1,207.16 and GBP 1,032.24 per ounce. Gold fell $26.20 or 1.65% yesterday to $1,558.50/oz and silver slid to $27.50 and finished -1.29%. Minutes from the U.S. Fed’s 20th of March meeting were released early yesterday due to an early exit by Congress yesterday afternoon.