Many couples were physically in paradise in “Married At First Sight” Season 2, episode 4, but their relationships weren’t anywhere near there. “The honeymoon provides the first substantial opportunity get to know each other,” psychologist Dr. Joseph Cilona said. “And to begin to define their roles in this marriage and in this relationship.”

As each couple spent more time on their honeymoon, they started to see flaws in each other. From minor disagreements to blowout fights, each couple hit a speed bump in their first week of marriage.

Davina and Sean

The couple honeymooned in Colorado, and Davina Kullar said she knew building love and trust were going to take a while. She said she wanted to wait to have sex until they were really in love, and Sean Varricchio was fine with waiting.

Davina opened up and said she had some trust and abandonment issues because of her past. Sean divulged information about how much he was bullied growing up and was happy they were so honest with each other. The two had plenty of pleasant moments as they made snow angels and said their wedding was the most romantic date ever.

While they were touring the scenery, Davina started tearing up. She realized how truly happy she was. However, she wasn’t happy with Sean’s response. He jokingly offered his glove to her to blow her nose, but otherwise, he just continued to talk about the beautiful scenery. She wanted him to pull her closer and realize that she was crying about more than the scenery.

“I hope it’s nothing, but I’m starting to be afraid that we’re, like, not on the same page,” Davina said.

The new wife confronted her husband. He didn’t realize she was feeling that way, and Sean said he wasn’t going to learn until he made a few mistakes.

Jaclyn and Ryan R.

The newlyweds went into the pool in Puerto Rico, and Jaclyn Metheun decided to teach Ryan Ranellone how to swim. While the experience gave them some good laughs, Ryan wasn’t thrilled with it. He felt a little like Jaclyn was the one taking care of him, and he didn’t like that dynamic. Even when they tried salsa classes, Jaclyn ended up leading the dance because she previously had taken classes.

Jaclyn admitted to the cameras she was treating Ryan like a friend because she didn’t want to be vulnerable. She also said as she became more comfortable, she started to like him more.

Ryan decided it was time to do something in which he could take the lead. He showed her how to play golf. It involved some physical contact, but Jaclyn was still high-fiving him like a “bro.”

She told the cameras she had to stop trying to put Ryan in the friend zone. As they hit the beach, Jaclyn got a little flirtier. 

However, Jaclyn couldn’t be happy for long. She brought up Christmas traditions since the holiday was less than two weeks away. Ryan refused to change his Christmas Eve or Christmas Day traditions for his wife. He said he would love for them to “try to” spend the holiday together.

Jessica and Ryan D.

The newlyweds were still getting to know each other in Key Largo, but Jessica Castro didn’t exactly trust Ryan De Nino yet -- especially on jet skis. The bride chose to go with an instructor instead of her husband because she thought Ryan would go too fast. Eventually, she switched to Ryan’s jet ski because she wanted to bond with her husband. Just as she feared, he went too fast and they flipped over.

Later, Jessica revealed she was engaged once before, but their families didn’t get along. She was nervous to tell Ryan about her past relationship, but he was fine with it. He understood he would have to accept baggage from her past, and Jessica was relieved.

While Ryan and Jessica were heading to a restaurant, Ryan called Jessica’s piercing and tattoo “trashy” off camera. Ryan said he said it was trashy on other girls, but he liked it on her. He said he did not believe he was being offensive. When Jessica pointed out he couldn’t call her tattoo trashy when he had tattoos, Ryan got angry. He walked out of the restaurant and asked the cameras not to follow him.

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