MAFS Jessica and Ryan
Jessica Castro and Ryan De Nino headed to Key Largo for their honeymoon in "Married at First Sight" Season 2, episode 3. A&E

Wedding nights might not seem sexy when complete strangers get married, so it's understandable that after an untraditional wedding, some couples weren't ready for a traditional wedding night. However, one couple definitely didn't feel that way on “Married at First Sight” Season 2, episode 3. After just meeting each other, one bride and groom consummated their marriage, while two others decided to wait. However, that wasn’t the real challenge for the newlyweds. They also started their honeymoons and finally discovered what it was like to live with their new spouses. “These couples are strangers, so they need a honeymoon to grow a deep and meaningful connection, that friendship that is also a sexual partnership as well,” sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz explained.

Jessica and Ryan D.

Jessica Castro and Ryan De Nino were still smitten with each other in episode 3, so they decided to have sex on their wedding night. “It was more than that. It was intimacy,” Ryan explained.

They opened their wedding gifts and were pleased to find that so many family and friends gave them generous gifts, despite such short notice before the wedding day. The best gift of all, however, was when the couple found out they were headed to Key Largo for their honeymoon.

Ryan said that he was using his grandfather’s suitcase, and he told the cameras that he wanted his marriage to emulate his grandparents' marriage. He thought that Jess reminded him of his grandmother.

The two continued to have a playful and humorous relationship throughout their time in Key Largo. However, others found a little more drama in their first days of marriage.

Sean and Davina

Davina Kullar and Sean Varricchio had a pretty steamy make out session in the elevator on the way up to the room. “I definitely feel like I’ve known Sean for longer than six hours. It’s so romantic,” Davina said.

When the two got back to their hotel room, Davina gave Sean a gift. The groom already gave Davina a gift before they were married. He had necklace with a key on it sent to her and said that she was the key and he was the keyhole. Coincidentally, Davina gave him a box that was padlocked. The box included a bunch of little jokes about solutions to problems they might face. One note said, “When I’m feeling domestic,” and was attached to a box of bandages. It seems cooking isn’t exactly her forte.

The cameras showed the two kissing in bed, but they didn’t go any further than that. Davina didn’t want to have sex with her husband yet.

In the morning, Davina revealed that Sean snored. He claimed he didn’t, but he also admitted that he never lived with a significant other before. This is a major step for all the couples. They have to learn how to live with each other since they would be moving in together.

But before that, they had to head off to Colorado for their honeymoon. When they looked for Davina’s wedding ring while packing, they couldn’t find it. The bride swore she left it on the end table, so Sean went to the hotel staff and accused them of stealing. However, Davina found her ring in the bathroom.

She apologized for losing track of the ring, and he apologized for losing his temper so quickly. He explained that being bullied a lot as a child lead to his protective tendencies coming out very fast.

Once they were in Colorado, they went ice skating and Sean taught Davina how to balance on the ice. Davina talked to Sean about her upbringing and how she didn’t feel accepted by the Indian community in her hometown. Sean was happy that they both were very open about their pasts and the struggles they’ve faced.

Jaclyn and Ryan C.

These two still aren’t on the same page. Jaclyn Methuen wasn’t attracted to Ryan Ranellone at the altar and that continued in this episode. She even noted that there wasn’t any chemistry when they kissed. Still, they made the best of their situation and were at least on the same page with gifts. The bride gave him a flask with vodka while Ryan gave her champagne glasses.

Ryan wasn’t feeling the chemistry between them either. He felt like they were two good friends, not newlyweds. Unsurprisingly, they didn’t have sex. Ryan knew that Jaclyn hadn’t had sex in two years, so he said they would let things happen whenever they happened.

As Jaclyn joked about peeing in the pool, Ryan began to feel more like she was a “bro” rather than his wife. Throughout the episode, the groom felt like his bride viewed him as a friend, not a lover.

While Jaclyn wasn’t in love with her husband yet, she was starting to see his sense of humor and knew he was a good guy. Ryan, however, was starting to see Jaclyn’s flaws. She ordered for both of them at dinner. “That’s not something I’m used to. I think it’s sweet and I think it’s endearing, but I don’t need a mother,” he told the cameras.

Jaclyn immediately apologized after the waiter left. She realized she probably should’ve let him do that on his own. Later, Jaclyn revealed to Ryan that she wasn’t sure about him when they got married. He was hurt to know that she wasn’t as interested as he was right away.

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