CORRECTION: While a press screener sent out by the network included a discussion about the relationship of Davina's parents, the version that was broadcast contained no such dialogue. Therefore, mentions of that relationship have been taken out of this recap. 

“Married at First Sight” Season 2 is finally here and has brought a whole new batch of singles willing to enter blind, arranged marriages. They have to trust four experts to match them up with their soul mate. Then, they'll have a month to figure out if they want to stay together or get a divorce. In the two-hour premiere, the participants met with the experts to determine how ready they were for marriage. Then the professionals figured out the best matches and the cast was ready to walk down the aisle. Of course, even if wedding planning only takes a week, it's still stressful. 

Audiences immediately met six cast members:

  • Sean Varricchio, 35, is a trauma nurse in New Jersey.
  • Ryan Ranellone, 28, is a real estate agent from Long Island, N.Y.
  • Ryan De Nino, 29, is a business owner from Staten Island, N.Y.
  • Jessica Castro, 30, is a receptionist in Manhattan, N.Y.
  • Jaclyn Methuen, 33, is a sales representative for a vodka brand in N.Y.
  • Davina Kullar, 34, is a biopharmaceutical sales rep in New York City.

First, sexologist Dr. Logan Levkoff met with the participants. This session is one of the most revealing. Jaclyn admitted that she hadn’t had sex in two years because she liked to be attached to the people she has sex with. “If I’m not that into you, I’m not letting you into me, really,” she laughed.

Ryan R. admitted that he’d dated women who were too “ditzy” in the past while Davina said she’d like to find someone who is smart but not a “douchebag.” Davina wanted “someone who is going to take control.”

Next, psychologist Dr. Joseph Cilona dug into the participants’ personalities. Jessica needed someone who valued family. Ryan R. also needed someone family-oriented since he was helping his mother take care of his young niece.

Then, sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz visited each person at home to learn about their past and their present. Sean grew up with a lot of bullying. He even hid broken bones and anxiety from his parents, but he has moved on. He claimed that he didn’t have any baggage from his past, though. Dr. Pepper even met his parents because they weren’t supportive, but she may not have changed their minds.

Finally, Greg Epstein, the spiritual adviser, spoke to the cast. Everyone spoke about their upbringing and where they are now when it comes to religion. Most didn’t seem to have a preference when it came to their partner’s religion.


After the experts had all of their information, they were able to decide who should be paired up. Ryan D. and Jessica were matched first. “I think they really fit well and have a lot of similarities,” Dr. Cilona said. “Primarily, they share that deep core value of family.”

They both value family and admire their parents’ and grandparents’ long term relationships. Ryan D. is Jewish while Jessica is Catholic, but they both said that they would accept partners of a different faith. “This is an example an interfaith relationship that actually has the potential to be extremely successful,” Greg said. (Though Jessica said in her interview that her mother might not be so happy with someone who isn’t Catholic.)

The second couple was Sean and Davina. They both dealt with a lot of bullying growing up and have overcome a lot of hardship. This is the show’s first interracial couple. Davina, an Indian woman, specifically said she wanted a Caucasian man. “Davina can sometimes have some challenges communicating and a guy like Sean that is really going to be able to listen I think could be a wonderful fit,” Dr. Cilona said.

Ryan R. and Jaclyn were the final couple.“She is far more outgoing and assertive than he is,” Dr. Levkoff noted. “But he does talk about really wanting and enjoying assertive women. He wants someone who is going to bust his chops and she will do that.” The sexologist also thought Ryan’s situation with his niece would impress Jaclyn.

While the experts knew exactly who the participants were paired up with, the cast didn’t know anything. They were told that they were getting married and they were given a wedding date. They weren’t allowed to see pictures, know names or anything else.


After the participants learned they were officially getting married, they had to tell their parents. There were mixed reactions. Ryan D.’s mother wasn’t happy about her son’s impending nuptials. “You know nothing. You know nothing about this person,” she said.

His future wife Jessica was afraid to tell her parents because she didn’t want to disappoint them. They were shocked, but they weren’t angry. Jessica even asked her stepfather to walk her down the aisle and he agreed. Her mother started crying. “Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this?” her mother asked.

Similar to Ryan D.’s mother, Sean’s parents were apprehensive beforehand and his mother actually rolled her eyes when her son said he was getting married in a week. Meanwhile, Davina didn’t film her family’s reaction, but they weren’t happy. “They just think that I can do this the normal way,” she told her best friend Chris.

Davina’s family didn’t even want to attend. Her best friend’s mother agreed to come to her wedding, but she encouraged Davina to reach out to her own mother one last time. Davina called her mom and could barely get a word in. “I just need positivity right now,” she told her mother. “I’ll talk to you in a couple of weeks.”

Jaclyn’s family was more supportive. Her family immediately started asking if she knew anything or at least expected anything. Jaclyn hoped her husband was attractive. “My biggest fear is that I’m not attracted to him,” she admitted. “You need that romantic chemistry, otherwise you’re just friends.”

Ryan R.’s family was also excited. His mother and his niece were happy, and his mother even offered to let his wife move into her house. Ryan R. was seriously considering the offer. “If I was ever away from them, it would be heartbreaking,” Ryan R. said. “I have to be there for my mother. I have to be there for my niece.”

Pre-Wedding Jitters

At his bachelor party, Sean said he wasn’t sure if he’d kiss his bride, let alone have sex on their wedding night. Meanwhile his bride Davina opened up lingerie at her bachelorette party and revealed her trust issues.

“I probably haven’t trusted 90 percent of the people I’ve been in relationships with which is why I walk away so quickly, I think,” she said. “But this process is going to force me to trust and I think from a very valid perspective because there’s a host of experts behind this process.”

Though she was willing to trust him, she promised that she wouldn’t kiss him during the ceremony. Jaclyn, on the other hand, wanted to kiss at her wedding and she hoped it would reassure her.

“As long as I walk down the aisle and that first kiss is good, that means we have sexual chemistry and that’s something you can’t fake or force,” Jaclyn said.

Wedding Day

Jessica was given a gift from her mother. Her mother said that it had been given to her from her mother and now it was time to pass it to Jessica. It was an engagement ring. Meanwhile, Ryan D. received a gift from Jessica. She sent him a pair of socks just in case he was getting cold feet.

Jacklyn got a sweet card from her future husband while Sean sent a gift to his future wife Davina. In a sentimental card, he called himself a lock and hoped that Davina was his key. She opened the gift to find a gold key necklace.

Then it was time for everyone to head into their weddings and meet their spouses. Family and friends couldn’t contain their reactions.

“Perfect!” Jessica’s mother shouted when she saw Ryan D. come out. Jessica was shaking before she entered the room.

Sean’s friends were a little snarkier when Davina’s bridesmaids came out. “Do you think it’s symbolic that they’re wearing black?” one of his groomsmen whispered.

Jaclyn and Ryan R. didn’t have a ton of audience commentary, but they had plenty to say outside of the ceremony.

“Jaclyn walks in the room, I am a happy camper,” Ryan told the cameras.

“I first see Ryan and my gut’s just – oh man, like this isn’t — oh god, s---,” Jaclyn explained.

Ryan was immediately attracted to her, but Jaclyn didn’t feel the same. “My initial reaction is like, ‘s---,’” Jaclyn said. “His accent is going to really annoy me … When I saw him face to face, I was a little disappointed. It just doesn’t feel like this is the man that’s my husband.”

Ryan said I do, but Jaclyn’s answer wasn’t shown. We’re left not knowing if any of the couples actually make it to “I do.”

“Married at First Sight” Season 2 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on A&E. Do you think Jaclyn will be like Jamie Otis in Season 1 and grow to love her husband? Or is she just shallow? Sound off in the comments section below!