The “Married at First Sight” couples spent their first holiday together in Season 3, episode 10. The newlyweds all threw Independence Day parties for their friends, but not every gathering went smoothly. Two wives were very upset with their husbands after the festivities.

Vanessa and Tres

The couple is having a barbecue with friends. Tres Russell is inviting a female friend, Jenna, and he clarifies that their relationship has always been platonic. Vanessa Nelson doesn’t seem happy about meeting her. “I don’t really think that men and women can be straight, straight friends,” Vanessa tells the camera.

When one of Tres’ friends gets there, he admits his whole lifestyle has changed since getting married. He says he sometimes misses the party life, but he wants a life of commitment.

They have fun at the party, and eventually, Vanessa meets Jenna. It’s super awkward. “Jenna seems nice, but I didn’t feel nothing from her,” Vanessa says. “I didn’t feel no ... vibe-age. It was like she shut the vibe-age off.”

When someone later says they’re in love, Tres says love “is a big word.” Vanessa seems a little offended that her husband brushed off the comment so quickly. She knows they’re not in love yet, but she’s hoping they get there soon.

The day after the party, Vanessa says she is annoyed with her husband. She was concerned over her dog being sick, and Tres didn’t really care. She asks Tres to be in more of a “husband mentality.” Tres says he feels like she wants to build him into another person and doesn’t understand what she means.

Vanessa says he also brushed off one of their friends’ comments about them being in love a little too quickly. Tres knows he jokes around a lot, and he didn’t mean anything by that. He promises to figure out how to become a better husband. Vanessa just refuses to look at him and doesn’t really respond.

“I’m going home,” she tells him. She wants to get her thoughts together and take some time to figure things out. Vanessa packs a bag and leaves for the night.

She comes back the next day to talk to her husband. Tres says he is putting in so much effort and made so many changes to his bachelor lifestyle to be a husband. He really wants their marriage to work.

Vanessa asks if she can do anything to be a better wife. Tres tells her he was upset that she left. “My mom left me twice. I’ve been left in the past and I always assumed when I got married, my wife is the one person who won’t leave,” Tres says.

That makes Vanessa realize that she didn’t react well. She knows she has to learn to talk things out rather than walk away. Tres says he’d rather she yell so he’d at least know what’s wrong. They seem committed to working out their issues.

MAFS Sam and Neil Neil Bowlus and Sam Role looked to each others friends’ for advice on “Married at First Sight­” Season 3, episode 10. Photo: FYI

Sam and Neil

Sam Role meets many of Neil Bowlus’ friends at their July 4 party. Neil says he and his wife are still friends, but they’re not too romantic. Sam sees him interacting with his buddies and realizes he is quiet around everyone. She says she is relieved that he is introverted around everyone and not just her.

During the barbecue, Neil talks to Sam’s roommate Sammy and tells her he is moving back in. He asks for advice about how to talk to Sam, and Sammy is more than happy to share what she knows.

One of Neil’s friends tells Sam he noticed that Neil seemed upset about something. His friend advises her to ask him about it, and she says he’ll open up when he’s ready.

After the party, the two seem very happy and talk about their marriage. “At the end of the day to me, all that matters is your happiness,” Sam tells him. She says she really wants their relationship to work.

Later, they talk about their future and living arrangement. Neil agrees to move back in with her and her roommate until they find a new place. They know they need to be living together in order for the “Married at First Sight” experiment to work.

MAFS David and Ashley David Norton and Ashley Doherty didn’t seem to be on the same page during their party in “Married at First Sight­” Season 3, episode 10. Photo: FYI

Ashley and David

The couple is having an Independence Day party with their friends. Ashley admits that party planning isn’t her forte, but she still does everything she can to help. David is happy that even though she tends to be more introverted, she seems to be putting in the effort to make a successful party.

Even though Ashley’s friends don’t show up, they have nearly double the people expected. She manages to be friendly with David’s group, which is something that’s typically out of her comfort zone. David is thrilled that everything is going so well. However, he might overestimate just how well his wife is doing.

“I appreciate that David is having a good time with his friends, but I’m by myself,” she tells the camera. She says she feels like a guest at her own party because David is off with his friends.

Ashley tells David at the end of the night that she felt a little abandoned. David says he wanted to make sure people talked to her and thought they might ignore her if they were next to each other. Also, he was just checking on the food and drinks rather than hanging out with his friends. He claims he barely had time to socialize, let alone check on his wife.

On their one-month anniversary, David comes home with flowers and a cupcake. He says he is still committed to their marriage, regardless of any fights they’ve recently had. Ashley, however, has to confront him about something.

She received a message that he’d asked another woman out for drinks over the weekend. The episode ends before viewers see David’s response.

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