The “Married at First Sight” Season 4 couples have made their decisions. After six weeks of marriage, the husbands and wives had to decide if they wanted to remain married or get a divorce. Although it seemed like some spouses were unsure until the last minute, they eventually made the big decision on the FYI reality show.

Derek and Heather

The Season 4 finale checks in with those who decided to divorce early. Derek Schwartz and Heather Seidel decided to get divorced after just two weeks, and now they’re moving on.

Derek goes out with his buddies to a bar. He still wears his wedding ring, which the women he is talking to immediately notice. Derek finally takes it off and says he is moving on.

Heather Seidel goes out with her friend Amber and says she is ready to date. However, it’s not her main concern. She is glad she did “Married at First Sight.” She learned about what she is looking for in a partner and understands what she really values now.

MAFS Heather and Derek Heather Seidel and Derek Schwartz are still getting divorced after “Married at First Sight” Season 4. Photo: FYI

Now it’s time to see if our other Season 4 couples made the same decision.

Tom and Lillian

Lillian Vilchez is nervous, but she and Tom Wilson are still working on their relationship. They build a vision board of their future relationship. Lillian wants kids. Tom says he’d like to adopt, and Lillian seems supportive of that.

The wife also mentions that she wants to be financially stable in five years. Tom just wants to be carefree. He also still has his bus in his vision board. Lillian isn’t sure how well Tom can adjust to living in a house.

Lillian meets with her friend Roxanna and says she wants to stay married. However, their different lifestyles give her doubts. She feels like Tom is pulling away, and she isn’t sure he wants to stay. “I feel like he’s leaning more towards divorce because he’s just questioning everything,” Lillian says.

Roxanna thinks Tom and Lillian will stay together, but she tells Lillian that she needs to focus on what’s right for her. She just needs to be true to herself. Lillian knows that they’ll both need to make sacrifices to make their marriage work.

Tom calls his brother Brian, but Tom pauses when his brother asks if he is in love. He doesn’t want to change for Lillian, but Lillian isn’t the exact person he was hoping for either.

The night before the decision, Tom and Lillian make s’mores in the backyard. Tom gives Lillian a clock to symbolize their time together. Lillian hopes they have more time together. She gives Tom a heart-shaped plaque with their initials because her heart is all she can give him. She promises that she is committed.

The two share a laugh later on when they wear the same outfit. Lillian wanted to lighten the mood, in spite of tomorrow’s daunting decision.

Lillian Tom MAFS Lillian Vilchez and Tom Wilson had to chose between marriage or divorce in the “Married at First Sight” Season 4 finale. Photo: FYI

They meet with pastor Cal Roberson and communication expert Rachel DeAlto to talk about their experience. Tom says they both have communication issues and have a lot of emotional baggage. He also mentions their very different lifestyles. He says it’s scary to have to choose between his bus and his marriage.

Lillian says that they have so much in common that she overlooks the bus issue. Though she doesn’t agree with living on it, she doesn’t mind having it for trips.

Rachel also asks them about kids. Lillian says their fight earlier this season was just a misunderstanding, but Tom says that raising kids looks like a lot of work. He sounds less enthusiastic than he did earlier in the episode.

Finally, it’s decision time. “I care for you so much,” Lillian tells Tom. “I want to look at the positive in our marriage and the good we’ve been through. And I would like for us to give ourselves the opportunity to grow in love, but I have decided that…I would like to stay married to you.”

Tom tells Lillian that he has put a lot of thought into this decision. “I’ve thought all night and all morning, and I still couldn’t make up my mind about exactly what would be good for you and I. My biggest concern is that if I’m not happy then I can’t make you happy,” he says.

He has been thinking about their relationship and their differences a lot. There is a lot that could tear them apart, but at the end of the day, Lillian is such a good person. He can't let her go. “I have decided that I want to stay married,” Tom says.

They are staying married, and Tom is even willing to let go of his carefree lifestyle a little. He is putting the bus in storage. “I know I have your heart, and I’m going to take care of it,” Tom tells his wife when they get home.

Nick and Sonia

Sonia Granados is still living in her own house. She is afraid of getting hurt again, but she has her wedding ring back on. She and Nick Pendergrast work on their vision board together and talk about their futures. They both want kids. Nick notices that they’re very much on the same page.

Sonia says that she wants to have another wedding, if they stay together. She wants a ceremony where they choose each other.

Nick has dinner with some friends he hasn’t seen since the wedding. He says he isn’t sure if he is emotionally connected to Sonia. They’re building their friendship, but his friends point out that they signed up to get married. He signed up for a wife, not a friend.

Ritch, Nick’s best man, is surprised that they’re still together, but he thinks with this much determination, they’ll make it through decision day.

Meanwhile, Sonia tells her friends that she alternates between being into Nick and being sick of him. She acknowledges that her husband is trying, but Sonia isn’t sure it’s enough. She isn’t even sure she has feelings for Nick. Her friends tell her that if she doesn’t love him, she should leave him.

Sonia tells her diary cam that she often makes excuses for men, but she doesn’t want to do that anymore. “My gut tells me to run. Is it truly your gut or is it that you’re scared?” she asks herself.

Sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz wants Sonia to move back in. When she signed up, she expected to live with her husband, so she decides to go back to the house. Nick gives her a gift when she returns. He turned a bunch of photos from the honeymoon into an album. He hopes it brings back some of the positive vibes from the beginning of their relationship. Sonia is so happy to see how much thought he put into this. She still has doubts, but she is willing to put in the effort until decision day.

Nick speaks about the future as if they’re staying together. It comforts Sonia, but she is still worried that he could hurt her. Nick admits to the camera that he doesn’t know how to put in effort as a husband because he’s never been a spouse before. But he is trying.

The two exchange gifts the night before decision day. Sonia receives a silver necklace, and she knows he put thought into the gift. This is the marriage that she wanted from the beginning.

Sonia’s gift basket was a little funnier. She gave him cactus print underwear because he’s “a little prickly” and a shirt with a poop emoji. Nick finds the joke funny too, and he seems happy.

Sonia and Nick go to bed together that night. Sonia feels comfortable, but she still isn’t sure about their future. Nick seems confident. He thinks they’re in a good place and they know how to appreciate each other now. Sonia doesn’t sound so sure. She wants them both to be happy.

“I think I know what I have to do. I don’t know if I’ll do it,” she tells her diary cam.

When they meet with Rachel and Dr. Pepper, Nick reveals that he has learned to be more empathetic. Sonia says that she has learned about communication and has found strength she didn’t know she had.

Nick says that he doesn’t necessarily feel married because they don’t know each other well enough yet. He is still figuring out how to be a husband, but he wants to keep trying. “I want to continue our marriage, and I do want to stay married to you,” Nick says.

Sonia acknowledges their struggles. “I have moved back in, but I just — there’s just a lot of things that led me not to trust you,” she says. That doesn’t mean she has given up on their marriage, though. “I would like to stay married to you,” Sonia adds.

They know that they have work to do, but they’re hopeful about the future. They toast to love and marriage with the experts, who are thrilled that the couple chose to stay together.

The Couples Meet

In a first for “Married at First Sight,” the two surviving couples get to meet on camera. They’re excited to meet their fellow cast members. Nick and Sonia wear their "hubby" and "wifey" shirts to meet Tom and Lillian.

Nick immediately notices that Lillian and Tom have much more of an emotional connection. They’re holding hands and seem a little more in love. Lillian notices that Nick and Sonia are more distant too. She’s curious about their story. Though the couples are different, they agree that they’re all happy they participated in the experiment.

There is only a select group that understands how stressful and weird this experience has been. They all feel grateful that they have each other for support now.

“Married at First Sight” Season 4 isn’t over yet. Next week, the reunion will reveal if the couples are still together six months later!

“Married at First Sight” Season 4 airs Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. EDT on FYI.