Developer Gazillion is letting fans vote for the next  “Marvel Heroes 2016” character. A number of these characters are fairly new to Marvel Comics while some are old, but underrated. Both way, none of these characters have appeared in the “Marvel Heroes” online game yet, and fans will now get to choose who will be making their debut.

Fans can vote for Neil Gaiman creation Angela, “Guardian of the Galaxy” Gamora, Kamala Khan’s alter ego Ms. Marvel, founding member of “The Avengers” The Wasp, Miles Morales aka “Ultimate” Spider-Man and Green Goblin. Voting takes place in Game Informer, so fans who want to play as Green Goblin or the new Ms. Marvel better head there right now.

According to Destructoid, fans have until Sept. 30 to vote for their favorite character to make it in “Marvel Heroes.” So far, the characters in the lead are Angela, Green Goblin and The Wasp, so fans still have a few weeks if they want the new Ms. Marvel or Spider-Man to make it to the game.

The characters picked for voting have gained a lot of relevance in the comics lately. Ms. Marvel and Spider-Man are part of the “All-New” Avengers that also has the new female Thor, Iron-Man, Nova, The Vision and the new Captain America in the team.

Gamora will be making an appearance in the “Contest of Champions” comics before returning to “Guardians of the Galaxy.” The character was also slated to have a new ongoing series, but no news on that has been followed up on.

The Wasp was briefly seen in the “Ant-Man” movie, and the after-credits scene hints that we have “Hope” for a new Wasp character in the future. The Wasp in the comics -- Janet Van Dyne -- was previously a member of the “Uncanny” Avengers and also appeared in the most recent “Ant-Man Annual #1.”

Angela will be getting another solo comic after “Secret Wars” where she will be the Queen of Hel. It was also revealed during the “Original Sin” event that the character is also the sister of Thor and Loki.

“Marvel Heroes” can currently be downloaded for free.

Marvel Heroes 2015 - Launch Trailer (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot)