The ending of Mass Effect 3 has sparked an unprecedented reaction among the gaming community, with fans outraged about the conclusion of the epic space-based series. The primary complaint involves the ending seemingly misplaced from the events and themes that run throughout the series.

After an online social media revolt, a baked goods battle, and countless conspiracy theories, one dedicated player might have cracked the Mass Effect mystery ending. (No, really this time).

And here's where the spoilers start. Those who have followed the game from its beginning argue that the revelation of the Catalyst, the ghost in the Citadel's machine, doesn't fit in the game's sequence of events.  Although many may feel that no hints were dropped in the previous games, this may not be true.

But one gamer, who posted his findings on Reddit, revealed that he clues might have been there all along. Playing as Commander Shephard, gamers encounter many individual planets from various galaxies. Each contains its own detailed description, informing players about the planet's history, cultural relevance, and other characteristics.

But the planet of Klencory of the Kepler Verge's Newton System may hold valuable information that players have looked over until now. Klencory was claimed by volus billionaire Kumun Shol, who said that a vision of a higher being told him to seek the lost crypts of beings of light. These beings were supposedly created at the dawn of time to protect organic life from synthetic machine devils, which is one of the main themes of the game.

For two decades, Shol has been building an army of mercenaries on the surface on the planet, which has been overlooked by the government. But, as Kotaku reports, Klencory can be a destination for the Normandy in Mass Effect 3, at which point its codex entry gets an interesting update.

His once ridiculed visions of 'beings of light' protecting organic life from synthetic 'machine devils' don't seem so far-fetched now, the entry reads.

It is unclear whether or not BioWare planned this clue or if it is just a mere coincidence. But it certainly gives fans more to think about when pondering the so-called lackluster ending.

Other theories on the meaning behind the game's conclusion include the indoctrination theory, which indicates that events were occurring inside of Commander Shephard's mind. Another says that the ending was ripped off of the Deus Ex series.