Rapper Master P isn’t backing off his comments about Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant being insincere. Former Lakers player Lamar Odom, who was found unconscious at a Nevada brothel Tuesday, felt like everyone turned their backs on him-- even his friends in the NBA, Master P wrote a statement called “The Truth Hurts" Friday. 

There is hypocrisy surrounding Odom: No one cared about him last month, but now that he is “fighting for his life" everyone is in his corner, Master P wrote. "I am not trying to question the support of others that are truly grieving, this is a critical, life and death situation. This is only my opinion, it's just sad that last month no one had anything positive to say about Lamar,” he said Friday, according to TMZ.

Master P, 48, doesn’t blame anyone for Odom’s current condition. He’s in this dire situation because of "a result of his decisions and actions." 

The rapper, whose real name is Percy Robert Miller, also distanced himself from Odom, 35. "I tried to mentor him and give him advice but he is a grown man and made his own decisions,” he added. “I get that, that's life. So that's why I stopped dealing with Lamar."

Previously, Master P called Bryant a “phony” for supporting Odom. The NBA star seemingly responded with a cryptic tweet Thursday. “When we feel the need to question the support of others in moments as critical as a life hanging in the balance, then we must question the kind of culture we have created that has led us to such insensitive suspicion,” Bryant, 37, said.

Since Odom’s hospitalization Tuesday, most of his Kardahsian-Jenner in-laws have sent their well wishes on social media. And like Bryant, many players in the NBA wrote on Twitter they prayed for Odom to pull through.

Odom has shown minor signs of improvement. His heart is responding, a source told TMZ Friday. To help him heal, virtually no one is allowed at his bedside except for his estranged wife, Khloé Kardashian, 31.

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