Chef Gordon Ramsay and his cohorts, Graham Elliot and Christina Tosi, will be back for another season of the hit cooking competition “MasterChef.” FOX has reportedly announced the show’s renewal for a 7th season with the network.

New judge Christina Tosi proved to be a formidable replacement for former judge Joe Bastianich. She replaced him in Season 6, but the show didn’t appear suffer any setbacks from the departure of the charismatic restaurateur. Despite the replacement, FOX has already confirmed the show’s renewal for yet another intense season in the "MasterChef" Kitchen.

The show’s official website is already calling for auditions for the following season. In the show, the best home cooks in America are pitted against one another to determine who will win.

The current season of the series just aired its 11th episode, where an unprecedented pressure test resulted in a shocking move by the judges. With the dishes too close to call, they decided not to eliminate anybody. This kept the top 10 intact for another episode.

Also in Season 6, “MasterChef” celebrated its 100th episode. The contestants were given the unique tasks of serving guests for the big occasion. Tosi has been given several opportunities to shine in her first season, and several challenges have already featured her amazing baked goods.

Graham Elliot also showed off his skills by cooking alongside the contestants during a breakfast challenge earlier in the season. Of course, Gordon Ramsay gave the contestants and viewers a treat when he starred in an episode titled “Gordon’s Greatest Hits.” In the episode, contestants were challenged to taste then recreate some of the superstar chef’s most popular dishes.

FOX has already posted the venues and dates for the Season 7 auditions. Home cooks will have the choice of 11 cities across America where auditions will be held.

“MasterChef” currently airs every Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. EDT on FOX.