This week on “MasterChef,” seven contestants remain to battle it out in an episode titled “A Storm’s a Brewing.” This week will also feature the annual tag team challenge, in which the contestants will go through in the elimination round.

According to the episode 15 synopsis shared by TV Guide, the Mystery Box challenge will feature coffee. The contestant, who prepares the best dish, will likely be exempted from the tag-team elimination round. This leaves an even number of contestants to form three pairs.

Based on the episode promo aired last week, it appears like Nick will win the Mystery Box challenge. He is nowhere to be seen in the clips showing the tag team chaos. Nick might also have had a hand in choosing the unlikely pairs, who will be required to prepare party platters.

The video shows bitter rivals Derrick and Stephen forming one team and predictably clashing. The official MasterChef Twitter account also shared a photo of the two of them in the middle of what looks like a heated argument.

Meanwhile, Tommy and Katrina, who clashed last week, form another team. In last week’s episode, Tommy had to put his foot down and told Katrina to shut up when she was bossing him around during the team challenge. They continue to clash this week but in a rare moment, the MasterChef Twitter account shared a photo of Tommy comforting Katrina. Unfortunately, this might also indicate that their pairing’s output would bring her to tears and in danger of elimination.

The remaining pair consists of Claudia and Hetal. Compared to the other two pairs, these two have not had real conflict so far except when Hetal’s lack of leadership skills landed Claudia in the pressure test last week.

It remains to be seen which party platter will crash and burn after the tag team challenge. Furthermore, with two cooks in the team, it would be interseting to see how the judges will decide which cook to send home.

“MasterChef” episode 15, “A Storm’s a Brewing” will air on Wednesday, Aug. 19 at 8:00 pm EDT on FOX.