After the slow Season 4 premiere, Showtime’s “Masters Of Sex” finally picked up the pace and depicted the drama surrounding Dr. William “Bill” Masters and his former sex research partner, Virginia Johnson.

Episode 1 ended with Bill (Michael Sheen) and Virginia (Lizzy Caplan) making a pact to share office space but separate their clients and practice. Episode 2 saw them pick new partners. Here’s what happened in “Inventory”:

Finally An Apology

After years of having an affair with Virginia and cheating on Libby (Caitlin Fitzgerald), Bill finally coughed up a heartwarming apology to his soon-to-be-ex-wife. But the best part of his apology wasn’t the sincerity of it, it was that Libby finally told him she wasn’t faithful in their marriage either.

With utmost honesty, Libby finally confessed to Bill about having an affair with Robert and Paul, and that the latter even proposed. She even told him how much she ached for both men. Finally, Bill got a taste of his own medicine.

Virginia Crosses A Line

While Bill tried to make amends, Virginia was busy proving a point, in a rather vindictive manner, to her former psychiatrist Dr. Madden (John Billingsley). Catching up with him in a bar while waiting for a blind date, Virginia offered him the job of being her new partner at the clinic. Dr. Madden refused, saying that he would never cross a line with a former patient. Then he went on to tell Virginia the truth about herself: That she has no boundaries of ethics or professionalism.

Angry, Virginia made sure to get Dr. Madden drunk before sleeping with him. After coitus, she went on to lecture the psychiatrist about how he loves judging people and putting labels on them. She held up a mirror to him while he was sitting on bed in boxer shorts. Even for Virginia this was a very under the belt way to prove a point.

Betty Gets A Raise

Meanwhile, the down-to-earth, honest and extremely hardworking secretary Betty (Annaleigh Ashford) finally demanded a much-deserved raise. When Virginia denied it to her, she blackmailed her. Earlier Virginia had received roses from what seemed like Dan (Josh Charles), but Betty recognized that the note was written by none other than Virginia herself. She was sending herself flowers to ward off Dr. Masters.

Betty used this knowledge to get a raise and some “support.” She got the raise. Go, Betty!


Bill Makes Progress With The AA Chairperson

Bill made more progress with his stint at the Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) after the meeting than during. The arrogant doctor thought he was above the people who attended AA and he only sat and listened rather than participated in these meetings.

The AA chairperson (Niecy Nash) not only gave him a place to stay (with a cat), but she also made him realize that the people attending these meetings are as tormented as him.

Libby Gets A Job

Meanwhile, Libby makes amends with Bill and Virginia in “Masters Of Sex” Season 4, episode 2. She also starts working as a secretary for her divorce lawyer when his assistant quits.

Bill and Virginia Get New Partners

Bill is quick to find a new partner to work with – Dr. Nancy (Betty Gilpin) who interned with Dr. Barton Scully (Beau Bridges). She proves to be a promising and fitting partner for the obstetrician. But the only issue is that she is clearly hiding something.

Dr. Nancy and Bill fill out a patient intake form so that they are completely honest with each other and maintain a level of transparency. While both answer most questions sincerely, they do lie to each other. Bill lies to her about having an affair with Virginia and Betty doesn’t reveal the fact that she is having an affair with Virginia’s new partner – Art (Jeremy Strong). Are they both up to something?



Tessa Leaves

Elsewhere, Tessa (Isabelle Fuhrman) tells Virginia that she is done with her and leaves. She is now staying with her father.

“Masters Of Sex” Season 4 airs Sundays at 10 p.m. EDT on Showtime.