A fisherman from Karnes City, Texas, believes he found a mastodon tooth in the San Antonio River, according to reports from KVUE on Wednesday.

Davvy Villanueva went to the river to try and catch dinner, but may have hooked a 50-million-year old tooth instead.

He told reporters he was standing in about a foot of water when he noticed the object sticking out from the water.

What Villanueva believes to be a mastodon tooth has yet to have been verified, but the fisherman is certain it belonged to an ancient mammoth. He says he has found other types of bones in the river in previous fishing trips.

When the fisherman was asked where he found it, he said during an interview with KVUE, “At the river. At the San Antonio River.”

“It caught my eye and I walked in the river, and sure enough I reached down in there and pulled it out and I was like wow, you know. I’ve never seen anything like this.”

His wife chimed in that Villanueva is always finding things.

Villanueva believes the river may hold an entire mastodon skeleton, but it would be nearly impossible to uncover now because recent rains have raised the water level.

After finding the tooth Villanueva took to the Internet and compared images of the tooth he found to those of an American mastodon.

The fisherman won’t tell anyone where he found it, not even his wife — most likely because he believes that he will be able to find more mastodon remains in the river if there is another drought.

He has decided to keep the location a secret for now, and doesn’t know if he wants to sell the alleged mastodon tooth or give it to his son. Offers to buy it have been pouring in. One man, he said, "pulled out his wallet and said, ‘Here, I’ll give you five $100 Benjamin’s right here.’” 

Villanueva believes the tooth might be 50 million years old and is impressed that he has something that is “older than Christ,” according to reports.

Do you think what the fisherman really found a mastodon tooth?