Did Shawn Bullard find his “Match Made in Heaven”? The new WE TV dating show came to an end Thursday night, revealing who won the heart of the 32-year-old Philadelphia real estate investor.

As expected the entire series was an emotional rollercoaster – even with the help of Pastor Ken Johnson. However, by episode 9, Shawn had managed to narrow his search for love down from 24 beautiful women to three.  Jade, Cristina and Angela were the last contestants standing in Season 1 of the competition. But only one would get the chance to potentially walk away as the future Mrs. Shawn Bullard.

Each of the cast members had their flaws. Jade, the 23-year-old model from Deptford, New Jersey, had trouble letting her guard down around Shawn. Cristina, the 22-year-old waitress from Hollywood, California, had similar issues. She found it hard to be vocal with her emotions and step out of her comfort zone. Meanwhile, 31-year-old Philadelphia, Pennsylvania hairstylist, Angela, was the complete opposite of her competitors. She knew what she wanted – and planned on getting it.

Shawn had strong feelings for all three contestants going into the finale, but in the end he knew what he had to do. Cristina, who had trouble leaving the “friend-zone,” was the first up. While he had promised to protect her feelings, he confessed that he had to be “real” with her.

“I have to follow my heart and that’s what I’m doing right now,” Shawn explained. “And my heart is with someone else.”

“I let you in,” Cristina countered.

Shawn thanked her and told her it wasn’t in vain. While she was upset, she agreed that the situation made her stronger.

Shawn pulled Angela aside next. The hairstylist was ecstatic for a chance to spend a lifetime with the bachelor, and things seemed to be going her way … until Shawn pulled the ultimate twist.

“You are everything I want in a woman,” he told Angela, making her smile. “I would be hurt if I was to see you with another man.”

He added that he was not afraid to say “I love you” – but then he dropped another bombshell. “Angela, I’m following my heart,” he revealed. “My heart is with another woman.”

Angela threw out a couple of curse words before calling him out for breaking her heart and leading her on. But Shawn argued that she wasn’t there by chance, but by choice. She left the show in tears.

The last woman standing on “Match Made in Heaven” was Jade. She was nervous to go into the finale, but was confident that she’d be "walking away with her man." But in a twist Shawn didn’t get down on one knee.

“When I came here I told myself I was going to be real and honest,” he told her. “And I feel that it’s not fair to you or me, for me to get down on one knee here today to ask for your hand in marriage. But with that said, I am in love with you. I don’t want the fantasy to end.”

Shawn continued that he wanted their relationship to go into the real world so that he could gain her “trust” and “love” until the time was “right.” And in another shocking twist, he gave her a ring … a promise ring. “I am in this for the long haul,” he added.

Jade accepted the promise ring. However Shawn didn’t put it on her finger. He put the ring on a chain so that she could wear it around her neck.

While “Match Made in Heaven” had a happy ending – with Pastor Ken Johnson and Shawn’s mom Maggie Bullard’s blessing – the couple might not actually be enjoying real life together. Photos surfaced a couple months ago that showed the WE TV star cozying up to “Real Housewives of Atlanta” cast member Claudia Jordan