The latest edition of the war of words between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao might be more of the same for boxing fans, but it's also a strong indication that the most anticipated fight in decades might actually come to fruition.

Mayweather continued to pelt and taunt Pacquiao from afar, while pushing for a May 2 mega-bout during an interview with Over the last week, the undefeated WBA and WBC welterweight champion has made a habit of not only calling Pacquiao out, but even questioning the Filipino star for not agreeing to fight sooner.

According to Mayweather, it's Pacquiao and long-time promoter Bob Arum who have avoided the fight that would assuredly set new purse and pay-per-view records.

The interview touched on many topics, but much like the discussion he held with partner Showtime Boxing on Dec. 13, Mayweather insisted on fighting Pacquiao in the near future.

"I think just timing. The right time. The right place. I think that this fight should happen,” he said. “The time is right, and the time is now."

Mayweather also made several attempts to goad Pacquiao, 36, and even suggested that there’s a stronger “A” team and a weaker “B” team, with the Pac Man belonging to the latter.

Comparing the potential bout to his 2007 match with Oscar De La Hoya, Mayweather said he believes Pacquiao holds a weaker negotiating position because of his losses to Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez.

The 37-year-old Mayweather also insisted that he’s a prize fighter first, an indication that he believes he should receive the lion’s share of the purse and control negotiations much like De La Hoya did seven years ago. Recent reports have stated that the purse could reach as high as $200 million and Mayweather wouldn’t agree to the super fight for less than a two-thirds cut.

The direct barbs at Pacquiao have been coupled with shots at Arum, the Top Rank promoter who has exclusively worked Pacquiao’s fights for years.

It’s that relationship that Mayweather said is one of the main obstacles to a date with Pacquiao.

"When people say Bob Arum is in the way, that's the difference between me and Pacquiao,” Mayweather said. “I'm in control. When I say 'I'm ready to go,' I'm ready to go. Pacquiao fights when Bob Arum tells him he has to fight. I fight when I want to fight. I move when I want to move."

Whether he’s attempting to negotiate through the press or trying to force Pacquiao’s hand to concede on several fronts, ultimately Mayweather has kickstarted the promotional campaign for a fight that just might hit television screens in the very near future.