Remember that video of a McDonald's cashier who attacked and beat up a customer? The worker, Rayon McIntosh was cleared of charges for the fight in a New York fast food chain that went viral on the Internet and plans to sue.

McIntosh was released from his seven week stay at a correctional facility at Riker's Island on Friday after a grand jury cleared him of charges in the brutal beating in October. According to Time, the jury ruled the 31-year-old cashier was merely acting in self-defense.

I just feel elated. I wasn't out there looking for trouble. My life was in danger. Females do murder men, McIntosh told the New York Daily News. I displayed a lot of patience. I was in fear for my life. I wasn't trained to handle that kind of situation. I think I was patient. I just grabbed that up and I started swinging it. I had no other option to defend myself.

Now, McIntosh is planning to file a counter suit against McDonald's.

I do plan on bringing a civil suit against McDonald's for putting me in danger, he said. If a security guard would have been there, this wouldn't have happened. I would have never gone to work.

McDonald's incident.

The incident happened at a NYC McDonalds in Greenwich Village in October.

McIntosh was caught on film verbally fighting with two female customers, Denise Darbeau and Rachel Edwards, both 24-years-old, over a $50 they used to pay for their food.

The verbal argument escalated and ended up with one woman, jumping behind the counter before McIntosh beat her with a metal rod used to scrape food from the gutters of the grill repeatedly.

Darbeau suffered a crushed skull in the fight while Edwards suffered from minor injuries. McIntosh, according to police had a just finished serving a manslaughter conviction from 2000, was fired from the McDonald's and arrested and charged with assault.

Little did anyone know, the entire incident was captured by a customer present during the incident, in a video that has gone viral since it was uploaded after the Oct. 13 incident.

Carmen Paulino, the owner of the franchise, was extremely disturbed by the video initially but now has changed her tone.

First let me say that I, along with my employees, are happy for Rayon and that he was released and cleared of all charges, Paulino told the New York Daily News.

Rayon McIntosh defended his actions, reiterating it was self-defense and an act of bullying.

I'm not a monster. I'm a people person, he said. I hope we do learn something from this. You can't just go around bullying people and then spitting on someone.

The women are reportedly still facing criminal charges and will face a grand jury in the future, Time reported.