The Game and Meek Mill beef has now taken a turn for the worst after a recent video shows what may be the aftermath of an attack on rapper Beanie Sigel.

Sigel, a hip-hop veteran from Meek’s hometown of Philadelphia, was featured on Meek’s diss aimed at The Game, “Ooouuu (Remix).” But following the release of the diss, Sigel may have gotten himself in trouble when he suggested in an interview that he had a hand in writing the song for Meek and the other rapper featured on it, Omelly.

“I just happened to come in the studio, so I just was helping him out with some lyrics, and the situation kind of played out like it did. It’s really no beef, especially between me and Game,” Sigel said.

After his interview, rumors began to swirl, claiming Sigel was the victim of an attack and according to The Game, who had heard about the news, Meek Mill’s crew was responsible. Now, footage from TMZ shows that Sigel did in fact get attacked and a member of Meek’s Dreamchasers crew was the culprit.

While the footage doesn’t show Beanie Sigel getting hit, it features him lying on the floor with a caption that reads, “Beanie Sigel got knocked out.” You can also see a man being dragged out of the scene, which occurred backstage at the Bad Boy reunion concert in Philadelphia on Saturday. According to TMZ, the man responsible for the attack is Teefy Bey.

While Teefy Bey didn’t explicitly admit to being responsible for the attack, in an interview with Hip Hop Since 1987 TV, Bey joked about the incident and said Beans revealed private information to The Game. Bey also revealed that it wasn’t just Sigel hinting that he wrote Meek Mill’s lyrics. “Telling n----- information that only the camp know. And not the information that you wrote something, cause you didn’t, the information was more worse than that.” 

Beans seemed to be ok after the attack and was still able to take the stage with Diddy later that night and also called himself “the real king” of Philly.