Rapper Meek Mill’s Grammy after-party on Sunday night in the Hollywood Hills neighborhood of Los Angeles, which featured more than a thousand guests and some wild animals -- literally -- was shut down by cops.

According to TMZ, the party was attended by rappers like P. Diddy, Lil Wayne, Nelly, Jermaine Dupri, Drake, Nicki Minaj, Birdman and Bow Wow, but the party's main attraction, which also featured belly dancers with flaming crowns on their head and fire eaters, seemed to be a camel and a full-grown lion in a cage. 

The party reportedly continued until 5 a.m. when the California Highway Patrol came in and shut it down. Mill had reportedly rented a mansion on Mulholland Drive, about 20 miles from Staples Center, where the 56th Annual Grammy Awards event took place.

Coon Philly, Mill's business manager, tweeted: “200k for a Grammy party yea we made tmz.” According to reports, police also towed away several vehicles brought in by the revelers and found illegally parked on the streets, leaving many guests stranded on the streets with no means of returning home when the party ended.

During and after the bash, many guests took to social media to post pictures with the wild animals.

Mill posted a photo of Philly with the wild guest of the party, a camel, on Instagram, with a caption that read: “The man behind the scene @coonphilly.” He posted another photo of a view from the top and another one of the belly dancer with a flaming crown dancing near the pool.

A guest at the party posted a photo on Instagram and wrote: “#MeekMill really brought a freaking camel to his mansion party. A FREAKING CAMEL!!! #GrammyWeekend #MMG.”

Another guest at the afterparty posted a photo of the lion, with the caption: “So first of all, let’s discuss the fact that there was a live lion at the party I just left. #grammyweek #DreamChasers #MMG.” 

She also posted a picture of her with the camel, saying: “Then, after the Grammy's... I met a camel. (Not pictured were the flame dancers, fire eaters or real life Lion) Crazy. Ass. Night. #dreamchasers #MMG.”