Giggles the pig is running for mayor of Flint, Michigan and as of Friday morning about 1,900 people seem to be on board. Some of the other candidates are a bit bristled that they have to run against a mini-pig, however.

Michael Ewing, a local defense attorney, is attempting to enter his pet pig Giggles into the race that is already made up of entirely write-in candidates, reported MLive. To be fair, Giggles isn't entirely unqualified. Ewing's set up a Facebook page to get Giggles' candidacy some momentum and her resume isn't too bad. 

Giggles has no criminal record, never been fiscally irresponsible, won't take money from special interests, supports police and has never missed an important deadline, according to a Facebook post on Giggles' page.

Giggles' campaign took advantage of Flint's announcement that the mayoral primary would be solely write-ins after a clerk gave candidates the wrong deadline for official petitions and signatures, although it’s not exactly clear if a pig can actually run a write-in campaign, UPI reported.

While Giggles' mayoral race may seem a bit silly, the campaign was started by Ewing to bring public awareness and transparency to the race. "If we elect someone who is not up to the challenge, we'll be right back to the state of Michigan emergency manager again," Ewing said to MLive.

Giggles Facebook page has about 1,900 likes and is all over Twitter. It's been a whirlwind run for the mini-porker. It's also brought the attention to the race Ewing was hoping for.

"I don't want to turn it into a laughingstock," Ewing said. "I don't know how else to get people to pay attention." Some Giggles opponents haven't really gotten on board with running against a pig, however.

Karen Weaver, one of the candidates called the campaign, a "mockery of the democratic process," UPI reported. Ewing told MLive that he hopes Giggles can inspire better candidates and help fix what he sees as flaws in the process.

"We, city of Flint residents, need to demand better candidates," Ewing said to MLive.