A Polish puppy may be the world’s smallest dog. Meysi is a terrier, weighs just 3.25 ounces and is barely taller than a nail polish bottle.

Meysi’s owner, Anna Pohl from Jarocin, Poland, was more concerned about the mini-puppy’s survival rather than a possible world record, according to the New York Daily News. Meysi weighed only 1.58 ounces at birth about three months ago and Pohl had to provide 24-hour care for the little terrier. Pohl had to feed Meysi from a syringe and it required almost constant feeding before the little puppy put on some weight.

Pohl told the local newspaper Gazeta Jarocinska that for the first six weeks she had no sleep while taking care of Meysi. As of now, Meysi is in great health despite her small size. According to veterinarians, Meysi may not get much bigger than she already is.

According to Pohl, "I have to keep Meysi in a cage when I'm not around because I'm afraid she'll get stepped on," reports the Daily News.  

While it may seem like a given that Meysi is the smallest dog, she is still nine months away from being officially recognized as the world’s smallest dog. Guinness World Records requires the dog to be at least a year old in order to qualify for the title of World’s Smallest Dog.

Meysi has two possible categories that she can qualify for when she turns one, World’s Smallest Dog based on length and World’s Smallest Dog based on height. The World’s Smallest Dog based on length is Heaven Sent Brandy, a female Chihuahua who measures just six inches from nose to tail. The World’s Smallest Dog based on height is another female Chihuahua named Boo Boo. Boo Boo is just four inches tall.

You can view a video of Meysi below.