A foreign language school in Brazil channeled the most-effective marketing campaign for its latest commercial: sex appeal, or a dozen or so Megan Fox clones stranded on Megan Fox Island, to promote learning English.

Welcome to Megan Fox Island, Fox says in the commercial for CCAA, a Brazilian foreign-language school, greeting a pair of teen males washed up on a deserted island paradise.

Much to the young boys' appeal, there are at least a dozen Megan Fox's on the island, sporting mid-riff baring ensembles and wetting themselves with water while coaxing the duo to talk to them.

Finally, our wait is over, Fox says to the boys, speaking on behalf of her frolicking clones. Please, please talk to us.

However, the boys cannot communicate with Fox, despite her request, so she ships them off to another island where they are instead greeted by Mike Tyson, much to their dismay. Tyson appears from behind a tree in the dark, barbarian island wearing torn up clothing.

The take away of the story from CCAA is for Brazilian students to sign up to learn English...or never be able to communicate with Megan Fox.