Fox News is making changes.

In what might be the network’s first primetime lineup change in over a decade, two of the network’s popular anchors, Greta Van Susteren and Megyn Kelly have renewed their contracts, the New York Times reports.

Van Susteren, who signed a long-term contract earlier this week, might move out of her 10 p.m. time slot. This would open up the hour for Kelly, who is now an afternoon anchor for “America Live.”

Fox News remains silent about the possible lineup change.

 “We will neither confirm nor deny any contract discussions with Megyn Kelly,” a Fox News spokesperson said.

Kelly, who once reported that the Washington Monument tilted after an earthquake in Washington, D.C., is otherwise a well-respected reporter.

“She moderates debates with skill, not to mention that not-too-subtle rightward tilt so intrinsic to Fox’s dayside coverage,” the Washington Post writes about Kelly’s on-air appearance.

Kelly’s contract renewal comes after a year of speculation over the future for the 42-year-old anchor. She made a name for herself on election night, when she strolled down a 12th-floor hallway of Fox News to the “decision desk,” where she confronted Karl Rove on his prediction that President Obama would win Ohio.  

Kelly has since been head-hunted by other major networks and reportedly met with two of them, the New York Times reports.

Fox News chief, Roger Ailes, knew Kelly would be sought-after, and hoped she would stay with the network.

“We have a great relationship. Eventually, we’d love her to stay here and be even a bigger star,” he told TVNewser. “I’d be stunned if she wanted to go any other cable channel.”

Recently, Fox News has received high ratings. During the week of the Boston Marathon bombing, the network ranked first, ahead of all other cable channels. This was the network’s first time in 10 years to be on top. The last time Fox News took first place was during Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the Los Angeles Times reports.