The announcement that presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump would sit down with Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly for an interview was a surprise, to say the least. Kelly stopped by NBC’s “The Tonight Show” on Thursday to tell host Jimmy Fallon how the highly anticipated interview came to be. 

Kelly seemed like the last person Trump would want to talk to, after the first GOP debate, in August on Fox News — Kelly moderated, there were some tense exchanges, and Trump went on to make some disparaging comments about her on social media and in follow-up interviews, sparking a widely covered Twitter feud between the candidate and the anchor.

For the upcoming interview, Kelly told Fallon, she was the one who reached out to Trump to make it happen, and they ended up recording a one-on-one sit-down, set to air May 17 on the Fox broadcast network.

Kelly said she called Trump in April to pitch the interview and was turned down, but after asking again later in the month, the businessman agreed. The pair met in Trump’s office in Trump Tower in New York, where Kelly let bygones be bygones. 

“I didn’t ask him about any of the tweets or any of the things he'd said, because I was looking to move past that. You know, I didn’t want to go to the acrimonious place. So we had a normal conversation like candidate and reporter,” Kelly said. “Then we sat down together for an interview and in that interview we do talk about what happened.”

Fallon then introduced a short preview clip of the Trump interview in which Kelly grills the presumptive GOP nominee on his insistence that journalists be “nice” to him over the course of a campaign. Trump then clarified that he wanted to be treated “fair,” to which Kelly replied, “You know, it’s not a cocktail party.”

Watch Megyn Kelly on "The Tonight Show" in the clip below:

Trump’s feud with Kelly began when Trump took issue with what he considered unnecessarily tough questions in the August debate. Complaining about Kelly’s demeanor to CNN, Trump said, “You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her... wherever.”