Melanie Griffith and soon-to-be ex-husband Antonio Banderas are just one signature away from being divorced. The 57-year-old actress filed for divorce more than one year ago after being married to Banderas for 18 years.

According to TMZ, Griffith and Banderas have taken the final step in ending their nearly two-decade-long marriage. The estranged couple signed documents finalizing their divorce. The site claims they are awaiting the signature of a judge, which will end their relationship officially. They anticipate that will be done within the next few days. 

Griffith and Banderas released a joint statement regarding their divorce plans in June 2014. The statement claimed that they had "thoughtfully and consensually decided" to put an end to the relationship. They promised to do so in a "loving and friendly manner." According to Yahoo, Griffith cited irreconcilable differences as her reason for filing. She requested full custody of their daughter, Stella, and spousal support. While it remains unclear if she was granted her request for spousal support, the custody battle is said to have resolved itself when Stella turned 18 in September 2014. 

Neither Griffith nor Banderas have spoken out about finalizing their divorce. The "Autómata" actress did, however, recently tweet about selling her home and purchasing a new one. In the message, she mentioned that her daughter was going off to college and asked what she should do with herself now that she's an empty nester. She answered her own question in the same post saying, "Anything I want!!!" and adding dancing emojis to drive home her excitement.