Los Angeles-based artist, Cain Motter, like many others, has tried to share his opinion about the impact of using credit cards on the modern society. However, his mode of expression is quite different because unlike others who use words or letters for expression, Motter melts his credit cards to create stunning pieces of modern art.

In his official Facebook page, Motter explains how he fell for the vicious cycle of using credit cards.

I started getting these credit card applications in the mail. One of them said it would be good to have a card in case of emergencies. That's what got me, the artist stated. After applying and receiving his first credit card, he got a cheque for $50 which he thought was a gift for becoming a new customer.

It was only after he received his first statement with a bill for that $50 gift plus cash advance fees that he understood the trick.

To take revenge and give vent to his anger, Motter first started craft pendants and necklaces using the cards.

The Huffington Post reported that Motter later discovered that he was able to stretch the Discover card a significant amount and figured out a way to make it look like a face was coming out of the card.

Check out some of the amazing creations by the artist below: