A mentally ill Danville youth, who was accused of killing his mother 7 years ago, may not be going to jail after all because of his mental illness, according to Contra Costa County authority.

In 2006, 16-year old Andrew Mantas killed his mother, Dimitra Mantas, 43, by striking her head with an aluminum bat. Investigations revealed that the mother suffered from defensive wounds, indicating that she had struggled with her son before he delivered the fatal blow. Authorities also found a bloody bat at the crime scene.

Ever since the event, the boy was being held at Napa State Hospital and there is a possibility that he might be released soon, said Dan Cabral, supervising attorney for the county's juvenile division.

The authorities reviewed Mantas' case on Monday and came to the conclusion that he is too mentally ill to leave the hospital. In other words, he still needs to renew his conservatorship in order to get a conservatee's care or finances, or both.

Mantas' lawyers and his family members also said he has a well-documented history of mental illness and he often complained of hearing voices in his head days before the killing.

To be deemed competent to stand trial, a defendant must demonstrate an understanding of the charges he or she is facing and be able to cooperate with an attorney.

Despite being given medication and undergoing competency training for the past few years, little progress has been made toward restoring him to competency, Cabral said Monday.