Mercedes has come up with an innovative idea of an invisible car. The concept seems to be very interesting but one will get puzzled thinking about how it will function. The Invisible Car is part of Mercedes' attempt to promote the F-Cell hydrogen fuel cell technology in its cars. It is the next generation technology that will be seen in the upcoming Mercedes cars. Probably it will be hydrogen-powered cars with zero emission that produces only water vapor.

Mercedes had introduced the F- Cell technology in the A-Class model in 2002. It had a range of 160 kilometers with a speed of 132 km per hour. This time the F-Cell technology will be implemented in the Mercedes B-Class models.

Mercedes has portrayed the concept of the invisible car in the video below. It shows a Mercedes car moving on the road with the LED lights that fades to black color. The car is cloaked with LED sheets and a Canon 5D Mark II digital SLR camera is placed on the other side of the car. As the car moves, the people walking on the road are able to see their reflection on the car. The car flashes bright colors when it is in a standstill position on the road. Probably the bright colors are flashed to show its presence. It is an eco-friendly car which is still in its testing phase by the developers. According to Mashable, the hydrogen-powered vehicles by Mercedes are ready for series production.

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