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Top 10 Gaming Apps for Android Smartphones

The Google Play has around 450,000 apps and still counting. Among them, the gaming apps are really awesome. Recently, Google Play introduced Diablo 3 Handbook, which includes class overviews, skill calculator, items, artisans and more. Google Play boasts of exciting games, which could entice the user to instantly grab the apps.

New iPad 3: Which Are the Coolest Cases for New Apple Tablet? (PHOTOS)

The new iPad is finally out of the Apple labs. It is a brilliant device with the finest features like the ultimate Retina display, ultrafast 4G LTE, upgraded iSight camera and voice dictation. After purchasing the latest gadget, one would think of how to protect the new iPad from scratches or drops. In this regard, you can grab the colorful and trendy cases, which are now available in the market.

New iPad 3 Released: Top 5 Android Competitors (PHOTOS)

Apple’s third generation iPad is fast becoming the most desirable tablet. On March 16, tech enthusiasts lined up at stores to get their hands on the new iPad. It sports the high-resolution Retina display and 4G LTE connectivity, which has proved to be a game changer. But does the new iPad have enough firepower to confront the top five tablets that run on Android?

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs LG Optimus 4X HD: Battle of the Titans

Samsung is tight-lipped about the release date and the features of the most anticipated Android smartphone, Galaxy S3. However, it is expected to run on the Android 4.0 operating system aka Ice Cream Sandwich. Samsung tasted huge success with Galaxy S2 and now Android fans are excited about the upcoming Galaxy S3. Speculations are rife that it would possess the TouchWiz 4.0 version User Interface with the Touch-sensitive controls.On the other hand, LG has unveiled its first quad-core device,...

New iPad 3 Released - Top 10 Must-Have Apps for New iPad Retina Display (PHOTOS)

Recently, Apple celebrated when the App Store hit 25 billion downloads. Now the tech giant is celebrating another milestone - the market release of the new iPad. Initial reports coming in, say thousands of Apple fans are standing in front of Apple stores to pick up their copy of the new tablet, which packs Retina display, quad-core graphics and 4G LTE, among other things. And, to highlight the brilliance of the new display, Apple has come up with a new section in the App store, which is dedicate...

Galaxy S3 Top Concept Designs: Which is Your Favorite? (PHOTOS)

Samsung Galaxy S3 has been the most awaited Android smartphone, especially after the success of its predecessor, Galaxy S2. Samsung has not announced anything about its release date and the features. But several concept designs of Galaxy S3 are making their rounds on the Internet. All the designs are catching the attention of the tech fans who are excited about the upcoming Galaxy S3.

Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G Release: Buy One or Wait For The Samsung Galaxy S3?

T-Mobile is set to release its latest 4G Android smartphone simply called as Samsung Galaxy S Blaze on March 21. If the users want to buy the Smartphone online then one will have to wait till March 28. It runs on the Android 2.3 Gingerbread Operating system. Probably it can be a disappointing factor since the Smartphone runs on the older version of Android. It ensures a fast processing while streaming the movies or downloading the apps.On the other hand Samsung has not revealed about...

Infinity Blade Dungeons Coming to the New iPad

The new iPad boasts of amazing features that contribute for the best graphics while playing the games. The fast processor and the high definition display ensure the users the best gaming experience. The new iPad packs a dual core A5X processor with quad core graphics, which can easily handle graphics intensive-games like Infinity Blade Dungeons.

Instagram is Coming Soon to Android

Instagram, the most popular photo-sharing application will be soon available for the Android fans. According to the CNET it is reported that the app is really coming soon. The most amazing feature about Instagram is it is a free application which allows the users to take the photos and can be easily filtered. The users can enjoy the freedom of sharing the photos to their loved ones. The photos can be shared by uploading them to the well known social-networking sites like Face book, Twitter and i...

iOS 5.1 Release Update: Mystery Behind 4G Icon in iPhone 4S Solved

The owners of the iPhone 4S who have upgraded their devices to iOS 5.1 may have seen an unexpected change in their device. All of a sudden, a 4G icon is appearing on the iPhone 4S, replacing the 3G icon. It sounds really strange since iPhone 4S does not support the 4G network. Hence it has created chaos among the users whether their iPhone 4S has been really changed into a 4G device. The answer is no, because the iPhone 4S will not support 4G network unless someone has inserted a LTE chip into i...

New iPad 3 Shipping Delayed: Wait for Apple's Newest Tablet or Buy Galaxy Note 10.1? (Photos)

The delay of the new iPad has come as a big disappointment to the Apple fans who were eagerly waiting to get ta new iPad that boast of amazing features. The new Retina HD display and the quad core A5 processor have contributed in the popularity of the new iPad. According to the latest reports the pre-ordered new iPads will be arriving on March 19 rather than March 16. If the users want to buy the new iPads from Verizon and AT&T then one must give their e-mail ID who will then intimate the users ...

Angry Birds Space Hits Samsung Galaxy Note

Angry Birds fans can now rejoice. Yes, Angry Birds Space which is the latest version of Angry Birds franchise, has been announced by Rovio at SXSW 2012. Undeniably, Samsung Galaxy Note will be the first target for the Angry Birds to fly in space. Samsung Galaxy Note features a 5.3-inch Super AMOLED display, which shows the amazing game graphics. Hence it can be a perfect device for the gaming which enables fast and smooth play.

New iPad Retina Display: 5 Wonderful Applications

The latest iPad’s remarkable feature is Retina Display which is an innovative technology. The engineers have proved the impossible as possible by developing this incredible feature for the new iPad.

Samsung Galaxy Beam: First Impressions (Photos)

Samsung has always come up with brilliant featured devices in the Android Smartphone Market. Probably the latest Galaxy Note has been an outstanding Smartphone with an amazing full HD display and the S Pen functionality. Recently Samsung has unveiled its latest Android based Smartphone Samsung Galaxy Beam.

Galaxy S2 to Get ICS Update on March 10: A Threat to iPhone 4S?

Samsung won the award for the Best Manufacturer of the Year and Samsung Galaxy S2 was recognized as the Best Smartphone at the Mobile World Congress 2012. According to CNET, Samsung notched incredible sales of twenty million units of Galaxy S2 smartphones. Galaxy S2 is the world's thinnest smartphone that delivers superb performance. And it's going to get even better as it will get a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) OS on March 10.

iOS 5.1 - Top 8 Reasons to Upgrade

On Wednesday, Apple unveiled its new iPad at a press event in San Francisco. At the same event, Apple announced that iOS 5.1 is available for download. Apple has always succeeded in delighting its fans by bringing innovative features in its latest software. What about iOS 5.1?

iPad 3 Release Countdown Begins: From Features to Price and More (What to Expect at Apple Event Today)

Apple will be hosting a special media event at San Francisco on Wednesday. The company has never said clearly about its upcoming product but the press invite sent by Apple says it all. Undoubtedly Apple will unveil its third-generation iPad that will possess high-resolution display. But one is not sure whether it will be called as iPad 3 or iPad HD. Hence its name, cost and features are all up in the air.

Mercedes Unveils Invisible Car...What? (Photos + Video)

Mercedes has come up with an innovative idea of an Invisible Car. The concept seems to be very interesting but one will get puzzled thinking about how it will function. The Invisible Car is part of Mercedes' attempt to promote the F-Cell hydrogen fuel cell technology in its cars. It is the next generation technology that will be seen in the upcoming Mercedes cars. Probably it will be hydrogen-powered cars with zero emission that produces only water vapor.

iPad 3 Release Date: Will New Apple Tablet Really Feature Retina Display and iOS 6?

The iPad 3, Apple's next flagship tablet, is expected to be launched on March 7 at Yerba Buena Center for the Art in San Francisco. The iPad has been ruling the global market for the past two years and has set the benchmark in the tablet industry. iPad 3 is expected to boast of significant improvements (read: hardware and software advancments) over its predecessor iPad 2 and the latest buzz is that the new tablet was being tested by people over at Cupertino headquarters, with Retina Display a...

iPad 3: Apple May Name New Tablet iPad HD

Apple may deviate from its pattern of giving a number to each new product and instead call its new tablet the iPad HD to draw attention to the expected high-resolution Retina Display, according to the latest rumors.

iPad 3: Amazing Concept Video Makes Us Want New Apple Tablet Now (Video)

Apple is set to launch its latest tablet iPad 3 on Wednesday, March 7. Until then, the Apple fans can watch the concept video of the iPad 3 right now. The Aatma Studio Animation have developed the concept video of the amazing iPad 3. Before three days of iPad 3's debut, the iPad 3 concept video was published on YouTube. One would love watching the video repeatedly as it has been developed using incredible graphics

iPad 3 Release Wednesday: Will New Apple Tablet be Pricier, Cheaper or Same?

Apple, the tech giant, will unveil its tantalizing next-generation tablet, dubbed iPad 3, on March 7. Speculations about the features of the iPad 3 are rampant and if they are to be believed then one can expect the best features in it. The most anticipated features to be included in the iPad 3 are Retina Display, Quad Core processor, a better camera, 4G LTE and a bigger battery. But the tentative factor is iPad 3’s cost, which nobody has been able to confirm so far.

iPad 3 Release: Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Dump Your iPad 2 (Photos)

Apple has dominated the tablet market ever since it launched the iPad and the impending debut of the next generation tablet, dubbed iPad 3, is expected to strengthen Apple’s position as No.1 tablet maker further. The reason is because iPad 3 is expected to feature significant hardware and software advancements over its predecessor iPad 2.

Top 10 Best Games For Blackberry Playbook

The latest Blackberry Playbook has got a pretty good collection of games in its store. It is fun to play the games on Blackberry Playbook, especially as the new PlayBook OS 2.0 is now out. Check out some of the popular BlackBerry PlayBook games here.

Windows 8: Top 10 Features Explained

Microsoft will soon be launching the Consumer Preview (beta) of Windows 8 in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012. has unveiled its latest version Windows 8 at California which consists of various upgraded features. The software giant will be gung-ho about proving to users that Windows 8 is really good not only on traditional laptops and desktops but also on touch-centric tablets and PCs. But before it does that, here's a quick look at what we know so far about the new OS.