Santa Claus is making trips around the world on Christmas Eve, but milk and cookies aren't the only treats he'll snack on along the way... nor is Santa the only name he goes by.

In countries like Denmark, Santa is better know as Tomte, and children leave out rice pudding to appease him so he doesn't cause mischief. In Chile, families makes pan de pascua, a sponge cake stuffed with candied fruit, and in countries like France and the Netherlands, Santa doesn't get any food at all: instead, his horse or donkey (no sign of Rudolph here) is left carrots, hay and bowls of water.

As your family sets out milk and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve, take a look at other's country's traditional offerings, stretching everywhere from Germany and Ireland to India and Kenya. You'll also find recipes for the international foods, so that if you want, this Christmas Eve can give Santa Claus something different when he crosses the U.S.

To find out what children around the world are feeding Santa on Christmas Eve, click through our slideshow, and enjoy the recipes provided.