Burglary suspect Michael Brian Myers, who stands accused of stealing a snow blower in the middle of a heat wave, briefly escaped the custody of sheriff’s deputies Saturday morning in Maryland before authorities recaptured him.

Witnesses in Forest Hill, Md., about 30 miles northeast of Baltimore, called 911 to report a man in the neighborhood with a tractor and snow blower early Saturday morning, according to the Hartford County Sheriff’s Office.

While deputies with the sheriff’s office interviewed Myers about the snow blower theft, they learned he had an outstanding warrant for violating probation and arrested him. Authorities then interviewed the burglary victim when Myers made his escape by exiting through the passenger side of the patrol car. How Myers escaped remains a mystery.

“It is unclear how Myers opened the rear window in the patrol car. The patrol car has been taken out of service, and investigators will attempt to determine how Myers managed to escape,” the sheriff’s office said in a statement.

The chaotic scene started at 12:38 a.m. Saturday, when someone called 911 complaining of an intoxicated tractor driver on the road in Forest Hill. Sheriff’s deputies were unable to find the tractor, but another call came in about a similar tractor at 4:53 a.m. Saturday that was pulling a snow blower.

Sheriff’s deputies spotted Myers during a search and said the homeless man “initially provided false information” to authorities.

“However, after deputies determined his correct name, it was learned he was wanted on an open warrant for violation of probation. He was placed under arrest on the warrant and secured in the back of the patrol car,” the sheriff’s office said.

Following Myers’ escape, a number of authorities joined the search for the burglary suspect, including police K-9 units and the Maryland State Police Aviation Unit. The sheriff’s office said Myers was apprehended “a short time later” and “taken into custody without further incident.”

The victim of the Forest Hill burglary indicated that the tractor and snow blower were valued at $800.