“Behind the Candelabra” star Michael Douglas is reportedly trying to win back estranged wife Catherine Zeta-Jones by wooing her with pancakes, a source told the Mirror. Apparently, the 69-year-old actor believes the way back into the Welsh beauty’s good graces is through her sweet tooth.

The source said that whenever Douglas is in New York, he’ll make the short trip from his bachelor pad to Zeta-Jones’ residence and make breakfast for his estranged wife and their children Dylan, 13, and Carys, 10. The kids reportedly love their dad's flapjacks, and he’s hoping this will be the way to show the 44-year-old stunner they should be a family again.

“When he’s in New York, he makes the kids breakfast and comes back in the evening to watch TV with them before bedtime,” the source said. “It’s very sweet when he turns up at the apartment to cook for them because he so desperately wants to be back as part of the family’s life. Catherine thinks it’s really touching he’s being so hands-on with the kids – and he’s praying it’s the key back into her heart.”

But winning Zeta-Jones over again isn’t as easy as cooking a little batter.  After spending time with the “”Chicago” actress, Douglas must reportedly go back to his pad. Though Douglas seems to be putting in the extra effort, Zeta-Jones might still want to officially end their marriage.

“Michael would give his right arm for a reconciliation, but Catherine’s warned she is not ready to commit and she’s still not ruled out divorce,” a source said.

Zeta-Jones is purportedly still sour over Douglas insinuating his throat cancer was caused from oral sex. “Catherine is making him suffer,” the source added. “She nursed him through those dark days when cancer almost took his life and she feels the comment about oral sex was like a kick in the teeth.”

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