Catherine Zeta-Jones’ friends are reportedly worried about her “mental health” since she and husband Michael Douglas have been taking a break, according to the Mail on Sunday. The actress, who has been treated for bipolar II disorder, admitted herself into rehab voluntarily last spring, as noted by the Daily Mail, but now people close to the Welsh star are worried she could spiral into depression again.

“The next few weeks will be very tough, and I’m very worried about her,” television host Anna Walker told the British news site. “This is a very traumatic time, and her mental health could be adversely affected.”

Zeta-Jones recently starred in “Side Effects,” a film about surprising side effects that happen after a young woman is given a prescription drug. After Zeta-Jones’ stint in rehab, it is apparent to many why the actress might have been attracted to the film.

Stress has plagued the Hollywood A-list couple, a source told People. Douglas hasn’t been in the best of health, physically, and recently battled throat cancer. “I’m sure it’s not been easy for her to cope with the stress of Michael’s illness. She’s just had another round of treatment for her bipolar, and if she can keep that in check under all this stress, it will be a miracle,” Walker told the Mail on Sunday. “Her mother Pat is with her at the moment, so I know she’s in good hands. And nowadays there is very good medication that can help.”

According to the television host, the separation is hard for Zeta-Jones because it goes against her morals. “It will have hit her very hard because she definitely believes marriage is for once in a lifetime,” Walker said. “Catherine is very old-fashioned and never wanted to ever go through a divorce. Her parents, Pat and Dai, have been together for more than 50 years and are her role models. She wanted her marriage to be like theirs.”