As many are well aware, the name Michael Fassbener is most commonly associated with such adjectives as sexy and alluring. Yet it was recently revealed that the term geek may actually apply to the German-born Irishman. In an interview with Absolute Radio, the actor admitted to collecting Star Wars action figures! That's right; our beloved Fassy is a sci-fi fan boy. He said:  

Star Wars was really the only sci-fi sort of fascination I had as a youngster. I collected and I've still got the AT-AT and the Millennium Falcon and the Ewok village. I suppose they are worth a bit of money. I sort of passed them on I think, and also I took them out of their box.

Yet the revelation doesn't change the fact that Fassbender is steadily rising to superstardom. Last year he starred in such hit films as Jane Eyre, X-Men: First Class, and A Dangerous Method. He's also soon to go the summer blockbuster route in the highly anticipated Alien prequel, Prometheus. But if you're unable to wait until then, the Tribeca Film Festival is serving up a short and sweet Fassbender production. Pitch Black Heist is a dark, noir-style short film that features the star looking rugged and stoic. Oh yeah, and he speaks in his native Irish accent while lip-syncing with a billiard cue. The role is sure to add to the string of highly appealing characters he's taken on. Here's a look back at his sexiest roles!