Defense witness Dr. Paul White acknowledged Dr. Conrad Murray has broken rules administering propofol use under cross-examination from prosecutor David Walgren on Monday, Oct. 31.

White, a retired professor at Stanford University and a retired anesthesiologist, is sometimes referred to as the father of propofol for his early research on the drug.

He said it was a complete off-label use of the drug propofol to treat Jackson's insomnia and he had never heard of propofol being used outside a hospital without a medical facility for lifesaving.

I wouldn't even consider it, White said. It's something no amount of money could convince me to take on.

White testified on Friday that Michael Jackson caused his own death by injecting himself the fatal dose of anesthetic propofol while Murray was taking a two-minute bathroom break.

But the prosecutor indicated that a device Murray had attached to Jackson's finger to monitor his pulse would have been useless if the doctor was not in the room because it lacked an audible alarm.

It has no value if you're not in the room, correct? Deputy District Attorney David Walgren asked.

Correct, White answered.

White overturned his own testimony, acknowledging on Monday he had done no research on the self-injection theory when he posed it.

Walgren then questioned White whether he would have left Jackson's bedroom at any time during the propofol infusion,“Would you walk out of the room and leave them alone with no personnel and no monitoring if you're of the opinion they like to push propofol themselves? Would you walk out of the room in that situation, yes or no?”

“No, I would not leave the room, White answered.

 As the trial nears its completion, Murray who has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter in Jackson's death, told Superior Court Judge Michael Pastor he had not yet decided about whether he will testify in his own defense.

I will still need more time to talk to my counsel about it, Murray told when asked whether the doctor understood his options to testify or remain silent.

Murray would let the judge know his decision on Tuesday.