Legendry Michael Phelps faced a sensational defeat from none other than his team-mate Ryan Lochte in the men's 200-meter free-style at the world swimming competition in Shanghai.

The 14-time Olympic gold medalist was overpowered by Lochte in the most spectacular and exciting race of the championship. With this win Lochte has alerted the whole world that he has the power of turning situations into his favor and winning the races. He also showed the endurance of replacing Phelps from the top position.

Lochte clocked 1:44.44 seconds to finish the race and clinched gold. Phelps had to satisfy himself with silver after recording 1:44.79 seconds followed by 2009 world champion Germany's Paul Biedermann who settled for bronze in 1:44.88 seconds.

In 2009 world championship Biedermann had defeated Phelps in the same event.

Lochte too defeated Phelps in 200 individual medley and 200 backstroke at last year's nationals.

People have been seeing the 27-year-old swimmer as the replacement of Phelps since last national championship, but this is the first time he (Lochte) bettered Phelps in a world championship, which is going to be a crucial turning point in his career.

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