It pays to be a doppelgänger, according to a British woman named Michaela Weeks, who said she makes over $500,000 a year as a Britney Spears look-a-like.

Weeks, a former waitress, was featured in UK's The Sun to highlight her work over the past eight years as a look-a-like for Spears. You can view additional photos of the 24-year-old blonde from Derbys here at The Sun.

“I feel very blessed to look like Britney and to be living the life I am now," she told The Sun.

Weeks said she has been living a life of luxury similar to Spears herself, having over the years gotten two houses, sports cars, hot tubs and a designer closet.

“I bought my first house when I was 19," she said. "Being a lookalike has allowed me to spend tens of thousands on sports cars, two houses, clothes, shoes and my pedigree chihuahua, Charlie."

But Weeks is still humble, and thanks Spears for being a star so she can twinkle, too.

“It feels like fate that I was born in this body and that I look like someone famous," she said. "I couldn’t believe how well paid just looking like someone else was and even now I imagine how different my life would have been if Britney had never made it."

“I’m a huge Britney fan," she admits. “If I ever get to meet her I want to thank her for giving me this life.”

Weeks said she has travelled the world as a Britney Spears look-a-like, starred in a Kaiser Chiefs video and posed for photos after winning a look-a-like contest when she was 16-years-old.

Weeks said she follows Spears' every day so directly, even down to details like her constantly fluctuating weight.

“I love it when Britney puts on weight because I can slack off a bit and enjoy snacking. But I have to get in shape when she does," she said.

But things went downhill for Weeks when Spears had a public meltdown in 2007. Weeks said when Spears "stayed out of the limelight for a long time" her work "started to dry up" and wrecked havoc in her luxurious life.

“It was a difficult time and I began to feel guilty for getting us into such a mess. I thought my career as a Britney lookalike was over, so I took up work as a beautician to try to keep up with the bills," she told The Sun.

Spears' blast to fame with the release of her album Circus in 2008 helped Weeks get back to normalcy, though.

“Just when I thought my career was over, people started wanting me to perform her latest song," Weeks said. “It was such a relief and I worked harder than ever when I was booked to make sure I could get second jobs.

Nowadays, she keeps busy tracking all of Spears' appearances, including her hosting duties as a judge on "X Factor."

“Since Britney was named as a judge on the US X Factor this summer, I’ve been so busy," she said. “For a small event I get paid £300 but a big event with a performance involved can pay £3,500.”

Nowadays, she does "a lot of charity events, birthday parties, weddings, nightclub appearances and promotional events."

“These days I perform one or two songs and then mix and mingle but sometimes I get asked to do a full 45-minute set," Weeks said. “My friends call me Brit and tease me that I need to get a ‘real job.'"