Michelle Duggar, the reality star from "19 Kids and Counting," is free of her mullet after getting a makeover, the Huffington Post reported. 

For her 46th birthday, the reality TV mom decided to cut off her famous locks for the show. The children prepared a special haircut for their beloved mother. 

They brought in one of Duggar's childhood friends to give their mother the makeover, where the longtime friend revealed that she didn't think the mother of 19 had changed her look for nearly 40 years. 

During the makeover Duggar lost 8 inches of hair, the most she had ever cut from her head. 

"Oh, wow," she said in genuine shock after seeing her hair for the first time. "It's definitely different." 

The reality mom's curly hairs also were ironed straight temporarily. It was a whole new look for the mother, and her kids thought she looked splendid. 

Jim Bob Duggar, the patriarch of the family, said after the change, "I do like it longer." And repeated the statement for emphasis. 

Duggar continued to sport the new look throughout her birthday celebrations, where she was surrounded by her friends and family.

But after the party was over she brought back her curly hair. 

"I thought, this is what I look like when I get out of the shower," she said of her new look.

It seems that the TLC husband was able to persuade Duggar to keep rocking the same hair she's had for the decades. 

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