Microsoft has cut the price of the current-generation Band 2 fitness gear for a limited period of time.

The original price of the Microsoft Band 2 used to be 249.99. Now, the company’s official store and Best Buy are offering the device for $174.99. Buyers can save $75 with this deal. However, readers should note that this offer ends on March 26.

The Microsoft Band 2 is compatible with handsets running Windows Phone, Android and iOS. The advantage of pairing this device with a Windows handset is that Microsoft's virtual personal assistant Cortana can be enabled.

With this gear, users can receive notifications for calls, emails and text messages. Calendar reminders can also be set. It comes with a total of 11 sensors on board and this includes the GPS, UV monitor and barometer, among others.

Fitness-wise, individual performance can be tracked while running, exercising and playing golf. The Band 2 has the capability to count calories burnt while exercising and it can also keep a tab on the quality of sleep. Similar to other fitness trackers, this gear also monitors the heart rate.

Microsoft is offering the Band 2 in three sizes namely small, medium and large. The small variant fits the wrist size between 5.7-inches and 6.5-inches. The medium and the large versions fit the wrist size of 6.3-inches to 7.5-inches, and 7.3-inches to 8.5-inches, respectively.

As far as the key specifications go, the Microsoft Band 2 features a 1.26 x 0.50 inch AMOLED display and 320 x 128 pixels resolution. The band is made of Thermal Plastic Elastomer Silicone Vulcanite  (TPSV).

The lithium-polymer battery cell on board is capable of providing up to 48 hours of charge and it only takes fewer than 1 hour and 30 minutes to charge from 0 percent to 100 percent.