The free storage policy of Microsoft's cloud service, OneDrive, has been modified. Starting July 27, OneDrive users will get only 5GB of free storage, down from 15GB earlier. The company is also putting an end to the additional 15GB camera roll bonus storage.

Needless to say, many Microsoft fans were not happy with the sudden policy change.

In 2015, the tech giant had announced it was gearing up to reduce the free cloud storage, but given the outrage and feedback generated at the time, Microsoft revoked the plan to reduce the free cloud storage, but added a caveat.

The company said OneDrive users could keep the 15GB storage and the 15GB bonus allotment. However, the additional 15GB could be availed only by logging into a special page and by clicking a button called "Keep your free storage." Microsoft also specified this had to be done by Jan. 31, 2016, according to GSM Arena.

Users who did not go through the procedure to secure the additional storage would have their storage allotment cut to 5GB at some point, and Microsoft has now announced July 27 as the date for doing that.

New OneDrive account holders already fall under the 5GB limit.