Microsoft has released Avatar Kinect for Xbox 360 gaming console with its Kinect motion camera accessory, which will be free for Xbox Live users till September.

The software, which was introduced by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer at CES in January is designed to track facial movements of the users and then apply them to the virtual representation of the users in the screen.

The technology can mimic you in the screen, if you smile or your eyebrows are raised or your head is cocked.

The technology also serves as a casual chat room for up to eight people in one of the 24 virtual scenes.

The users will be able to air their Avatar Kinect sessions to friends, Mircosoft said.

“The Kinect sensor can record your session with a producer's editorial eye, following your performance, zooming and panning, just like a real TV production,” Microsoft said.

Microsoft is also planning to add “Kinect Sparkler,” a $3 app that would track the hand movements to write with light on a 3D virtual canvas.