The recently released Microsoft Surface 3 tablet apparently comes with "full Windows experience," unlike the earlier Windows RT. Looking back at the history, Phone Arena says, Microsoft’s two-in-one Surface Pro 3 tablet was marketed as a businesscentric device. However, with the new Surface 3, the tech giant is apparently looking to market the device as a consumer-oriented slate. Therefore, the company has released a slew of short videos explaining the killer features of the Surface 3 tablet.

Microsoft has uploaded a total of five videos on its official YouTube channel. One of the videos focuses on the Surface Pen. Apparently, the pen can be used to transform handwriting to text and also to highlight documents and PDFs, among other things. In the meantime, another Surface 3 video talks about adjusting the new three-position kickstand to get the perfect view/angle. [Scroll down for videos.]

Microsoft Surface 3 Price, Availability

As far as the Surface 3 price is concerned, Microsoft’s online store has listed the device at $499. This particular version comes with Wi-Fi-only support, 64GB of internal storage space and 2GB of RAM configuration. If potential buyers want a bigger storage and RAM unit, the tablet will set the buyers back by $599. Potential buyers can purchase the tablet from the following link: Microsoft Surface 3.

Key Microsoft Surface 3 Specifications

According to official Surface Blog, the Microsoft Surface 3 comes with a humongous 10.8-inch (274-millimeter) display, aided by a solid 1,920 x 1,280 pixels screen resolution. Under the hood, the slate is powered by a quad-core (Intel Atom x7) SoC. Furthermore, the device runs on Windows 8.1; however, Windows Pro will also work for business usage. To top it off, as the Windows 10 release date nears close, this Surface tablet will eventually be upgraded to the upcoming OS free of cost.

Moving on to camera specifications, the Surface 3 sports an 8MP rear-facing unit, in addition to a 3.5 MP front-facing snapper for selfies. As for battery life, the tablet can reportedly provide up to 10 hours of charge at a stretch. Plus, the USB 3.0 charging port comes with the tablet.

Microsoft Surface 3 Videos

Readers can check out the following videos to learn about the key features of the Surface 3 tablet: (Credit: YouTube/Surface)

Surface 3 -- Pen



Surface 3 -- Kickstand



Surface 3 -- Lighter



Surface 3 -- College Flow



Surface 3 -- 3, 2 ,1 … Go!