Microsoft popularized the concept of 2-in-1 tablets with the Surface Pro lineup. The Surface Pro 3 and Surface Pro 4, for instance, showed the growing demand for such devices across the globe.

Following which, Apple jumped on the bandwagon and unveiled the iPad Pro to give solid competition to Surface Pro series. Microsoft and Apple have been marketing their tablets as a single device that manages both work and play.

Speaking of tablets in general, Apple’s iPad lineup has ruled this arena for a long time now, despite the waning tablet sales. Android counterparts like Samsung and Google have been trying to eat into Apple’s tablet market share with their Galaxy S and Nexus lineups, respectively. Microsoft, on the other hand, has the original Surface lineup, followed by Surface Pro series and the latest Surface Book.

Citing analytical firm Canalys, The Register U.K. says Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup was the preferred enterprise device in the U.K. specific to the first quarter of 2016. Between January and March this year, the U.K. enterprises reportedly purchased a total of 275,000 units of the Surface Pro tablet. In comparison, 83,000 units of the same series were sold in the same period last year.

The Apple iPad Pro, on the other hand, was apparently not the preferred tablet among the U.K. enterprise crowd at least during Q1 2016. In the first quarter, Apple could only sell 107,000 iPad Pro units to enterprises in the U.K.

However, the U.K.’s consumer market has a different story to say as Apple iPad Pro reportedly outsold Microsoft Surface Pro series. When asked about the reason, Canalys senior analyst Tim Coulling reportedly said "One of the problems facing Apple is price, the other is familiarity and applications."

Speaking of familiarity, many Windows-powered computers still rule the enterprise world across the globe. Hence, it is easy for employees to get accustomed to Surface Pro lineup than Apple’s iPad Pro.

He further added that Apple fans in the U.K. are not impressed with the Apple Pen that works in tandem with the iPad Pro.