Microsoft Corporation formally released a new server product from its Windows 2008 family with the addition of Windows Server 2008 Foundation, targeting the small business/SOHO segment of 15 users or less.

“Today we are launching a new server-based solution with the right technologies at the right price to give small businesses access to the power of server-based business software,” said Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer.

Windows Server 2008 Foundation puts the reliability, security and manageability of the Windows Server platform providing Windows Server-based solution for every customer need, size and budget.

Microsoft has taken pains to present Windows Server Foundation as a simple, pre-packaged solution.

“Microsoft is filling a crucial hole at the low end of its Windows Server portfolio by delivering a simple, low-cost solution geared for small businesses and first-time server users,” said Al Gillen, program vice president, IDC. “Windows Server 2008 Foundation really rounds out Microsoft’s server platform and provides a solution for a key market segment.”

The new server operating system will be available in 40 countries and through September 30, 2009, Microsft will contribute a portion of sales to TechSoup and, two global non-profits that promote using technology more effectively.

Steve Ballmer in a statement about Foundation today, explained that between now and September 30 2009, a portion of every Foundation sale will go to the non-profit organizations TechSoup and Telecentre. These organizations help non-profit organizations around the world with technology.