width=231A woman from Queens, named Agnes Mercado, who had been eating microwavable popcorn for sixteen years now claims that she had developed popcorn lungs that requires a transplant.

I've been eating popcorn many years, but now I wish I hadn't. It's made me very sick, she told reporters. 

I was eating two or three bags of popcorn a day. I didn't know it would destroy my lungs.

ConAgra, the makers of Act II Lite popcorn is said to be responsible for the current health condition of Ms. Mercado. The popcorn was flavored with a compound called biacetyl which gives a buttery taste to it.

Workers from the said factory have sued the Ohio company and other popcorn makers since they have developed the same lung disease, a defect that has no medical treatment as of today.

No comment has been received from the spokeswoman of the company; however they said that they have already dumped the ingredient since 2007.

Mercado learned last month that she has the condition called bronchitis obliterans. She got this by eating Act II Lite popcorn twice a day from 1991 to 2007.

She is confined to a desk job at a Rockaway nursing home and carries an oxygen tank with her everywhere she goes, said her lawyer Wendy Fleishman.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration started reviewing the effects of the additive to consumers and the risk of developing a lung disease since February.