Researchers Expose Security Flaw in Social Security Numbers

Researchers at Carnegie Mellon University have successfully devised a way to guess a person's Social Security number using statistical analysis. Armed with your date of birth and the state in which you were born, it's now possible to generate a quite small set of digits that are likely to contain your actual SSN.

Gmail and other Google apps finally leave 'beta' after 5 years

Google Calendar, Google Docs and Google Talk were all stripped of their beta tags on Tuesday as Google upgraded the pieces of its Google Apps Premier Edition (GAPE) suite to the status of a finished product.

Yahoo Search Pad: Online tool for making and sharing Web notes

Yahoo launched a new search note feature on Tuesday that allows Yahoo searchers take and save notes as they visit various websites. Search Pad service, an online notebook for saving and sharing notes, links and Web site content when conducting research using the company's search engine.