Mike Huckabee said on his Fox show Huckabee that Osama bin Laden is a hypocrite, for all his anti-Western and cave-dwelling public image.

Huckabee remarked that bin Laden had pornography, SUVs, and (frequent) Coca- Cola at his compound - all of them blatantly Western items. (The SUVs are Toyota, but the concept of SUVs originated from the West).

It's nearly impossible to confirm if bin Laden consumed the pornography or Coca-Cola, but it's still telling that they entered his compound.

Moreover, a video footage released by US authorities earlier showed a hunched over bin Laden watching a video footage of himself on television.  It also revealed that bin Laden was vain enough to dye his beard black for his video materials taped for the Islamic world.

In his video tapes, bin Laden often blasted the West for its culture of materialism and vulgarity.  He often promoted a contrastingly image of himself as an ascetic cave-dwelling Muslim.

One commentator on Huckabee said she supported the US decision to reveal details to humiliate bin Laden.

Another praised the US for its strategic brilliance in exposing bin Laden's hypocrisy to the Muslim world and subtly sending a warning to Islamic militants that they could end up dead like bin Laden.