Mike Tyson said in a recent interview that he was sexually abused when he was 7-years-old, TMZ reported Thursday. The former heavyweight boxing champion reportedly made the revelation during his appearance on SiriusXM's Opie Radio show.

"[The man] bullied me, sexually abused me and stuff...snatched me off the street. I was a little kid. Never seen him again," Tyson said in a video posted by TMZ. Tyson claimed that the abuser was an “older man” and he had never seen him before, and somehow managed to escape from the abuser at the time.

The father of eight claimed that it was a "one-time incident" and that he had never mentioned it to anyone, including the police. When asked by the show's host if the unfortunate event changed his life in any way, Tyson said that he did not know.

Tyson added that he was not “ashamed or embarrassed” of what had happened with him, but tried not to remember it. “I don't always remember, but maybe I do but I don't. I'm not ashamed or embarrassed by it,” Tyson said, adding: “I just went on with my life.”

In his 2013 biography, “Undisputed Truth,” Tyson had reportedly opened up about the troubles he faced when he was a child.

The former boxer, who has been nicknamed “The Baddest Man on the Planet,” has faced several upheavals in his life, including arrests and substance abuse problems. In 1992, the 48-year-old was convicted of raping a teenager and served three years in prison.

In August 2013, Tyson openly talked about his fight to maintain his sobriety and said that he had been unable to beat his drug and alcohol addiction.

“I haven’t drank or took drugs in six days, and for me that’s a miracle,” said Tyson. “I’ve been lying to everybody else that think I was sober, but I’m not. This is my sixth day. I’m never gonna use again," Tyson said at the time.